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On March 11, 2017, the launching conference of the 2017 brand marketing strategy upgrading system of yafil wardrobe with the theme of "management upgrading, partner world" was successfully held in Chengdu Hongteng hotel

on March 11, 2017, the launching conference of the 2017 brand marketing strategy upgrading system of yafil wardrobe was successfully held in Chengdu Hongteng hotel. With the theme of "management upgrading, partner world", this meeting announced that yafil officially stepped out of the 2017 annual marketing strategy upgrading, which also means that Fangcun Zhiye has undertaken the important task of marketing intelligence consulting. With the horn of "upgrading", both sides will become partners in the common fight for the world

just like the definition of war in the art of war, marketing strategy is actually a major event of the enterprise, which is related to the survival of the enterprise. Facing up to the importance of marketing strategy, Fangcun Zhiye is particularly cautious in formulating marketing strategy for yafil. "Know yourself and know the enemy" is Fangcun Zhiye's self requirement without saying anything: a detailed and concise "yafil phase I internal research and diagnosis report" became the opening of this meeting. In the report, Fangcun Zhiye comprehensively combed and diagnosed the current situation of yafil's production and operation, internal management, marketing promotion, channel construction and other aspects, and directly attacked the crux, locking in the "focus" that restricts the further development of the enterprise

a correct understanding of the problem is the necessary step to solve the problem, and it is also the first step to be taken in the road of upgrading the brand of yafil. With such a consensus in mind, chairman gongmingcai of yafil made a keynote speech "Upgrading - the road to enterprise development" to both parties, explaining yafil's development direction and strategic objectives in 2017. The clear development direction points out and standardizes the enterprise's enterprising path. A highly executable and quantifiable goal is the dream recruitment for yafil, which will encourage all employees of the enterprise to move forward and sing for the future

brand upgrading, in order to better plan for the future. Taking the present as a foothold, "farewell to the past and look forward to the future" is a "call to arms" publicized by the marketing director - in order to unite the military spirit and show determination. Yafel has unquestionable confidence in the future of the brand

with such an iron will, teacher Ye Wei, the founder of Fangcun Zhiye, a Chinese system marketing consulting organization, explained Fangcun Zhiye's marketing theory and opinions for yaphil with the marketing tutorial "strengthen yourself and weaken your opponents": the formation and fusion of the triple potential energy of enterprise, team and individual is the key for enterprises to form brand synergy and dominate the world

from the unification of ideas, to the determination, to the update of theory, and gradually in-depth meetings, the on-site atmosphere climbed to the peak when the "Yafei 2017 marketing system project planning" was officially unveiled. It embodies the wisdom and experience of all senior marketing personnel of Fangcun Zhiye. As the strategic guidance for the 2017 brand upgrading of yafil, this plan has been praised and recognized by all marketing members of yafil. At the end of the meeting, yafil and Fangcun Zhiye once again formed a tacit understanding: the marketing strategy is completed, and the two will work together with sincerity to promote the bit by bit progress of 2017's marketing strategy upgrading, so that the plan set on paper will become a grand future that will eventually be realized in reality




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