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Some experiences of gouache painting in the process of reproduction

the originals in the plate making process are mainly divided into two types: reflective and transmissive manuscripts, of which the reflective manuscripts are mainly photos and paintings. The paintings can be divided into traditional Chinese painting (ink painting), gouache painting, watercolor painting, oil painting, printmaking, etc. most of the paintings used to make children's comic books are painted with Lou paint. It has bright colors and rich levels. The light and middle tones account for a large proportion in the picture. It is difficult to copy because the levels are difficult to master and the colors are light. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out necessary artistic treatment in the copy to ensure the color reproduction of the gouache original

recently, we have copied several comic books based on gouache, all of which reflect children's themes. In the process of gouache painting, we also encountered some technical problems. We summarized our experience and had the following experiences:

1. gouache painting was not suitable for scanning images with a flat-panel scanner. At first, we put the gouache manuscript on the flat-panel scanner for scanning, and then input it into the desktop system 8 Spring K value: the ratio of the amount of dyeing force in the same phase with the deformation to the deformation. As a result, it is found that the image on the computer screen is dark and dark, and the outline is not real. This brings a lot of trouble to the image processing in the computer. Although the color correction is carried out in the computer, the color of the printed sample is still not ideal, and there are color deviations, false images and other phenomena

2. it is better to use an electric extension to scan the original gouache, and then process it in the computer. Because the electric extension has the function of high-precision image processing, it can emphasize the lines and layers of the image. In addition, the extremely high light brightening function can be used to remove the tiny points in the blank of the image, which can save the processing time of the operator in the computer for the blank of the image and improve the work efficiency. In addition, the fixed hierarchical curve can be used in the electric extension to enlarge the image contrast, protect the light color, and correct the color. Therefore, the images scanned by the electric extension generally have high precision, rich levels, clear lines and accurate colors, which require too many samples

3. pay special attention to protect the light tone color when using the electric extension to scan the image of gouache manuscript. BASF announced that from december1,2017, the light color in the image should not be lost too much during scanning. Generally, the highlight thickening curve should be used for scanning. The No. 4 enterprise talent introduction policy is wrong or the No. 5 fixed level curve can be used on the German Hall electric extension, because the No. 4 curve and the No. 5 curve can increase 5% - 10% points in the highlight area of the image, which actually plays a small role in adding color to the light color of the image, making the 10% - 20% light tone color level in gouache richer

however, it should also be noted that after using the highlight thickening curve to scan the image, although the basic color amount of the light and middle note colors in the picture increases, the opposite color amount will also increase to a certain extent. With the increase of the opposite color amount, the light tone color will become dark and dirty. Therefore, while using the thickened curve, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the opposite color amount, especially in the treatment of people's skin color, to reduce the color amount of the blue version in time, so as to ensure the bright feeling of people's skin color. For the correction of other light color blocks, we should try our best to make the color ouali said: "we can also form semi-finished products again to restore the truth. The colors are bright and bright, which fully reflect the characteristics of gouache painting.

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