Some knowledge about electronic publishing

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Some knowledge about electronic publishing

production of electronic publications

publishing houses should invest in three aspects when they are engaged in the production of electronic publications: first, talents should be invested, including their own programmers, producers of art animation and audio-visual products, and recorders; Second, the investment of equipment requires several highly configured computers, commercial scanners, recorders, video capture cards, and the cooling system must be turned on when the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃; Audio player, video recorder, television, video camera, digital camera, color ink jet printer and various consumable materials; Third, the investment of funds to produce an electronic publication with a certain level; It needs a certain amount of money

several modes of electronic publishing

according to the characteristics of high-tech content and high capital investment in the publishing process of electronic publications, there are generally four forms of electronic publication for reference:

(I) the publishing house independently plans topics, independently develops and independently produces with rich publishing resources and funds. There are two specific forms of organization: one is completed by the electronic publishing department; First, the electronic publishing department cooperates with other offices

(II) relying on rich publishing resources, the publishing house plans topics independently, invites production companies or producers to develop and produce, and the right of authorship belongs to the publishing house

(III) cooperation between publishing house and production company. The situation here can be generally divided into three types: 1. the publishing house invests in its own brand, topic selection resources and strength, and the production company invests in its production advantages and funds, and each publishes and produces its own name at the time of publication. The increase and dividend shall be written off according to the proportion agreed by both parties; 2. the publishing house and the production company shall jointly invest or invest in proportion according to the topics jointly determined in advance, and each shall sign the name of the publication and production at the time of publication. Sales and dividends at the proportion agreed by both parties; 3. the production company or individual provides the produced CD-R to the publishing house for submission. There are two methods in the actual handling: one is to buy out, and all the rights of authorship belong to the publishing house. Second, the publishing house strictly controls the contributions according to the publishing requirements and the principle of the three trial system, strictly mastering the copyright, reproduction right and distribution right, and publishing them. To provide our customers in China and around the world with our excellent products and professional services

(IV) to purchase copyrights through various channels. Select topics suitable for China's national conditions from the electronic publications published abroad for publication

problems and prospects of electronic publishing

although the current electronic publishing is in the ascendant, the rapid development of science and technology and the traditional publishing model still have a strong impact. At least three aspects need to attract the attention of book publishers:

(I) management issues. There is a certain gap between the management mode of book publishing and the electronic publishing industry with high technology content. Some publishing houses may not adapt to the high investment in electronic publishing and advertising

(II) topic selection. Generally speaking, book publishers' grasp of e-book topics is not as good as the production companies' understanding of the market. The topics planned by the production companies are often much more marketable than the topics planned by the publishing houses for future digital technology, network technology and intelligent technology penetration and integration into the whole process of product R & D, design and manufacturing

(III) market problems. On the one hand, the distribution of official electronic publications is not smooth, accounting for only 1% - 5% in the market, and the sales volume is small; on the other hand, piracy is rampant, with a market share of 95% - 99%. The distribution of electronic publications is the bottleneck of the development of the whole electronic publishing

due to the impact of the Asian financial crisis, the growth rate of the software market slowed down gradually in 1998, which fully demonstrates the characteristics of electronic publishing, a sunrise industry, which survives in challenges, advances in difficulties and develops in adversity. Therefore, the book publishing house should have a loose environment for electronic publishing. Its foothold should be on the development, cultivation of talents and accumulation of experience. It should not excessively demand economic indicators

however, no one should doubt the potential of electronic publishing. With the progress of science and technology, the deepening of people's understanding of high technology and the enhancement of economic strength, the prospect of electronic publishing is very bright

(L) the growth rate of 30% is encouraging. According to the statistics of authoritative departments, the total output value of the world's electronic publications in 1995 was more than US $1billion, and then it developed at an annual growth rate of 30%. It is expected that the total output value of electronic publications will reach US $5billion by the end of this century; At present, the number of computers in China is about 10 million, and its development speed is also 30%. It is expected that by the end of this century, the number of computers will reach 50million or more, which will occupy the second place in the world. These two 30% should be said to be encouraging

(2) electronic publishing will transition to online publishing. Due to the rapid development of international interconnection, major media and publishing units at home and abroad have taken the lead to occupy a place on the Internet in order to seek new economic growth points. Using the Internet to publicize oneself, promote oneself's products, establish contact with relevant units, and download the materials I need from the Internet is the trend of network publishing and network transmission distribution. Judging from the current development, this momentum is fierce. Book publishing houses should and must pay attention to this as soon as possible. Early development and utilization of advantages is a necessary link for book publishing houses to grasp the commanding heights of publishing

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