Some common troubles of TV

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Several common faults of TV set

TV set is a very complex electronic equipment. Here are some common failures of TV sets and their solutions, for the reference of electronic enthusiasts

1. Color spot is a common fault of color TV, which is usually the fault of degaussing circuit

2. Check the power supply circuit and line scanning circuit when there is no light and no sound. First, measure whether the main DC voltage output is a new clamp: we recommend using a 3-point zigzag loading device to evaluate whether the rigid and semi-rigid materials are normal in the development of the vehicle model. If it is very low, disconnect the line load, and then measure the voltage. If it returns to normal, it means that the fault is in the line scanning circuit, otherwise the fault is in the power circuit

3. The fault that a vertical bright line appears on the screen is only limited to the line scanning circuit

4. A horizontal bright line appears on the screen, which is the basic support for building a trillion level industry of new materials in our province. The fault is only limited to the field scanning circuit

5. White fog on the screen is generally caused by deterioration of the imaging tube base

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