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Sales package signs and instructions

generally, the sales package is accompanied by decoration pictures and text instructions, and some are also printed with bar code signs. These aspects should be done well together when designing and making the sales package.

(1) the decoration picture of the package

the decoration picture of the sales package should be beautiful, generous and artistically attractive, And highlight the commodity Jinan experimental machine factory to provide you with the following three points: characteristics, patterns and colors should adapt to the national habits and hobbies of the countries concerned. When designing the decoration picture, it should be in its favor in order to expand exports.

(2) text Description

there should be necessary text descriptions on the sales package, such as trademark, brand, product name, place of origin, quantity, specification, composition, purpose and use method, The text description should be closely combined with the decoration picture, set off each other and complement each other, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion. The text used must be concise and concise, and be understandable by customers in the sales market. If necessary, it can also be used in both Chinese and foreign languages at the same time.

when using the text description on the sales package or making labels, Attention should also be paid to the regulations on the label management conditions of relevant countries.

(3) bar code

the bar code on the commodity package is composed of a group of black and white with numbers and parallel stripes with different thickness intervals. This is a special code language that uses photoelectric scanning reading equipment to input data for the computer. At present, Many countries in the world use bar codes on commodity bags. As long as the bar codes are aligned with the photoelectric scanners, the computer can automatically recognize the bar codes. As long as the bar codes are aligned with the photoelectric scanners, the computer can automatically recognize the bar codes. Only the information of the sensor shape codes can be replaced, and the product name, variety, quantity, production date, resource utilization rate and labor productivity can be determined. Manufacturers, places of origin, etc, Based on this, the unit price is queried in the database, the payment for goods is calculated, and the purchase list is printed, which effectively improves the efficiency and accuracy of settlement, and also benefits customers. At present, supermarkets in many countries use bar code technology to automatically scan and settle, such as there is no bar code on commodity packaging, even for famous and high-quality commodities, In addition, some countries do not import some goods without bar code marks on their packages. Therefore, it is urgent to promote the use of bar code marks on Chinese goods and packages. In order to meet the needs of the international market and expand exports, In December, 1988, China established the "China special product coding center" to promote bar code technology and carry out unified management. In April, 1994, China officially joined the international article coding Association. The country number assigned to China by the association is "690". Anything marked with "690" bar code means that it is a commodity produced in China. With the development of China's socialist market economy and further reform and opening up, Several commodities made with bar codes, especially the export commodities, should strive to print bar codes on the commodity packaging.

generally speaking,


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