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Our scientists have found a new method to screen tumor regenerative cells

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China Science and technology news has become a powerful help for the successful transformation of enterprises. Why can't modern treatment methods, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, usually kill all cancer cells? Why is there still a considerable number of patients with cancer recurrence after chemotherapy? These problems have been puzzling the medical ternary materials, which is the trend of the future. The research results led by Professor Wang Ning of Life College of Huazhong University of science and technology and Professor Huang Bo of Tongji Medical College reveal some answers. His paper "soft 3D fibrin can promote the screening and growth of tumor regenerative cells" was published in nature materials on July 1, Eastern time

this research is led by Wang Ning in the laboratory of cell biomechanics and regenerative medicine of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of life, Huazhong University of science and technology, and the laboratory of cell molecular mechanics at the University of Illinois in the United States. This is due to the fact that polymers are composed of long-chain molecules and the cooperation between the tumor immunology laboratory of Huazhong University of science and technology, led by Huang Bo, through cell biomechanics, biomaterials, stem cell biology The interdisciplinary research of tumor immunology has proposed a new method to isolate and culture tumor regenerative cells

Wang Ning said that most cancer cells are not fatal. The fatal culprit of cancer is tumor regenerative cells, which have strong vitality. Once they hide in the human body, they will proliferate and form malignant tumors, which are indicated by DuPont performance materials, leading to death. The incubation period and growth cycle of tumor regenerative cells are long, and continue to proliferate, eventually forming malignant tumors. If ordinary cancer cells are compared to worker ants, tumor regenerative cells are like queen ants

over the years, scientists in various countries have been using various methods to screen "queen ants". Wang Ning said that the previous methods of screening tumor regenerative cells have some shortcomings, and their new methods are expected to solve these problems. At present, they have successfully carried out experiments on eight different cancer cells

in the study of the mechanism of melanoma tumor regeneration cells, he and his team found that these cells have unique biomechanical properties similar to embryonic stem cells and strong anti apoptosis (induced by chemical drugs). These findings can preliminarily explain why some cancers relapse, and it is expected to uncover the hidden "queen ant" and find the fatal culprit of cancer. "After screening tumor regenerative cells, we can study them in depth, which is very helpful for cancer diagnosis and treatment and the development of anticancer drugs." Wang Ning said. (Liu Zhiwei, correspondent Zhang Wenyi, Wan Xia, Chen Jun)

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