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Market dynamics of styrene butadiene rubber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets

in the styrene butadiene rubber market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the market quotation continues to climb. At present, Jiangsu preheating device: cable core preheating is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. The market quotation of rosin 1502 in Jiangsu Province is about yuan/ton. Next, Zhejiang will introduce the purchasing skills of a universal experimental machine. The market quotation of rosin 1502 in Jiangsu Province is about 16700 yuan/ton, an increase of about 200 yuan compared with yesterday, enhancing the development momentum, The overall market is also corresponding to the spot market. The supply of goods in the market is extremely tight, and the market is bullish. However, with the continuous breakthrough of the high point, market participants are gradually cautious, and the willingness to store goods at a high level is not strong, mainly for short-term operations

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