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Schneider Electric held a VIP smart salon in the railway industry on May 29, 2018, in Xishuangbanna, China, recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in energy efficiency management and automation, held a 2018 VIP smart salon in the railway industry in Xishuangbanna. While thoroughly interpreting the complete solution of medium and low voltage intelligent distribution system built based on ecostruxure power technology architecture, helping customers ensure the safety and reliability of distribution system and realize active operation and maintenance, efficient operation and fine management, Schneider Electric also cooperated with relevant personnel from Railway Bureau, owner, general contractor and Design Institute through highly creative design thinking ability training and theme practice, Inspire the design inspiration of intelligent distribution system solutions, and explore the intelligent development of the railway industry

the atmosphere at the smart salon was warm

at present, the total mileage of railway business in China has reached 127000 kilometers, and the railway electrification rate and double track rate have reached 68.2% and 56.5% respectively, ranking first and second in the world. Welcome to learn about our company's relevant experimental machine knowledge. Among them, the operating mileage of high-speed rail has reached 25000 kilometers, 2980 EMUs have been put into operation, the main framework of four vertical and four horizontal high-speed rail has been completed and put into operation in advance, and a large number of world-leading technological innovation achievements with independent intellectual property rights have been formed. According to the 13th five year plan for the development of railway, intelligence is the key to the future development of railway, and its fatigue life depends on the life of non prestressed reinforcement at the bottom of the beam. Intelligent equipment and application software will become the main support

as a market leader in the rail transit industry, Schneider Electric has had in-depth insight into the industry for many years. At this event, it comprehensively demonstrated its ecostruxure power architecture, which integrates cutting-edge technologies such as IOT, cloud computing and sensing, and created medium and low voltage intelligent power distribution solutions by making use of innovation in the three levels of interconnected products, edge control, application, analysis and service, to help customers make full use of digital wisdom, Build a more safe, reliable and efficient power distribution system to create greater value:

low voltage power distribution solutions: integrate smart devices such as masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker, nsx+ electronic release, powertag for NSX radio energy measurement module, metering instrument, e-stamp bus temperature measurement, and configure local monitoring system in PSO station section, And digital applications such as the Qianliyan mobile operation and maintenance management platform (ecostruxure facility ex, at present, carbon fiber is mainly used as brake pad material in F1 racing car PERT) constitute a complete low-voltage distribution solution for the low-voltage distribution cabinet of the through line station transformer, work area transformer and box transformer, providing users with the excellent value of safe power supply, optimizing fine management, simplifying operation and maintenance, and reducing labor intensity, Help the railway through line/self closing line operate more safely and reliably

medium voltage power distribution solution: using intelligent products including GIS medium voltage ring cabinet, smart Trihal dry-type transformer, ecostruxure distribution management, ADMS advanced power distribution operation and other systems, as well as digital applications such as Qianliyan mobile operation and maintenance management platform, a multi-dimensional solution covering enterprise automation system, power supply and traction power supply is formed to realize the monitoring of medium voltage power distribution system, load and environmental status, And implement intelligent inspection based on data analysis, and use digital mobile applications to control the operation and maintenance of facilities and power distribution around the clock, without dead corners, and with large multi-level usage, so as to achieve efficient active operation and maintenance and fine management

design thinking ability training and theme practice activities have attracted on-site customers to actively participate in

in addition, on-site ability training and practice with the theme of design thinking have also been carried out, which has become a highlight of this smart salon. Using user insight opportunities, Schneider Electric has found a design path of iterative adjustment, and Schneider Electric has worked with nearly 100 on-site participants to develop ideas, How to apply modular subsystem products to make the intelligent system flexible and scalable; How to provide early warning services to reduce the workload of operation and maintenance personnel; How to apply intelligent equipment to simplify maintenance and shorten unplanned downtime; How to help the owner deal with the challenges of many interfaces and unclear responsibilities through a perfect service system, and use design thinking to stimulate the creative inspiration of the solution, so as to provide useful help for future work

After the meeting, Jiang Binbin, industry sales director of Schneider Electric National Sales Department, said: through this activity, we have a deeper understanding with users in the railway industry, and use innovative ability training to develop the design idea of intelligent distribution system together. In the future, Schneider Electric will continue to build a more perfect overall solution based on ecostruxure architecture and platform. Combined with full life cycle expert services, Schneider Electric will help customers accelerate digital transformation, build more safe, reliable and efficient railway facilities, and look forward to working with more partners to jointly promote the intelligent development of the railway industry

JIANG Binbin, industry sales director of Schneider Electric's national sales department, delivered a speech at the conference

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