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Samsung folding screen thanks to a large number of Japanese suppliers

Samsung has shown its foldable hand. Researchers try to keep the composite conductive at the same time. The most interesting thing about this machine should be how to fold the screen without damage

Korean media has reported the first supply chain analysis of the foldable device, which explains why Samsung can achieve a foldable screen. According to the report, Samsung and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan have jointly produced a "luxurious" touch transparent polyimide that can be bent many times without any visible changes. It will be bonded to the following flexible OLED panel according to the properties of the composite. It uses a very durable and flexible adhesive that Samsung has developed for many years, which allows the device to bend a little in the middle but will not degumm. The elongation of this special material is generally high. The special type of elastic adhesive is called optical transparent adhesive film (OCA), which can be bent thousands of times and maintain its original size and shape

it is said that another Japanese supplier Nichido denko produces polarizer films for bending displays, while the organic diode itself is the type used in the current Galaxy S9 or note 9 models

it sounds that Samsung infinity flex display uses a lot of Japanese technology, but the elastic hinge of the equipment comes from KH vatec, a South Korean ethylene production unit of China Secco Petrochemical, which has been stopped for inspection on March 10

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