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Schneider Electric xieweigang: the "intelligence" of the data center is important

on January 13, 2011, the fifth annual ceremony of China's IDC industry was grandly opened in the Century Hall of the new century JAL hotel in Beijing. This conference was marked by innovation. development. With integration as the theme, telecom operators, IDC enterprises, equipment manufacturers, Internet and other industry colleagues were invited to discuss the IDC industry opportunities and opportunities under the three integration. Xie Weigang, director of strategic marketing of Schneider Electric, attended the conference and made a keynote speech

actual record of the conference:

xieweigang: Hello, everyone! I am very glad to have this opportunity, and I am also very grateful to the consultants of IDC and cdip for providing us with this opportunity to share with you some new understandings about the data center and solutions that can solve the challenges faced by the current data center or IDC and telecom hosting machine rooms

today, my introduction mainly includes three parts:

the first part briefly introduces the future development direction of IDC or telecom hosting machine room in our eyes, as well as the problems and challenges that may be faced at the business level

on the other hand, let me briefly introduce to you the solutions we can provide for these problems and challenges and what problems this solution can help you solve

in the last part, I will briefly share a case with you to further understand how much energy consumption our enterprises need to achieve in order to achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction goals under the guidance of the current energy conservation and emission reduction and the clear goals in the 12th Five Year Plan

according to the current Gartner Survey Center, the challenges faced by data centers are power supply, more importantly, refrigeration, and space, which are the top problems of all data centers. This is not an independent problem. It will subsequently affect the overall operating costs of the data center. When it comes to the overall operating cost of data, it is a very important issue for IDC or telecom hosting machine rooms. You will find that in the early stage, you may not need to spend much money to buy some hardware equipment, because now servers and corresponding IT equipment are relatively cheap, but you may need to spend more than half of your money on energy expenditure, energy cost expenditure and corresponding management expenditure. How to solve this problem will be further shared with you in the next part

also for IDC research institutions, if we further look at the problems faced by the data center, first, many data center managers, whether it is the telecom hosting room or Daxin IDC, believe that availability will be very important; At first, collect a batch of data. Another is security. It is not difficult for us to understand this problem. All the premise is that if our data center cannot be used, why build it? If the data center can't be used, it's empty talk to reduce carbon emissions

on the other hand, based on this availability, we need to consider the problem of security margin, that is, as a data center, how much excess capacity is needed for safe operation. However, the same problem of security margin will also affect the later operation cost of the data center

therefore, to achieve an efficient operation, we need to consider modularity, apply it to high density, and further optimize the layout structure of the data center. Based on this, from the perspective of IDC or large data centers of enterprises, we will see the development of IT technology. Many friends have introduced that we use cloud computing, virtualization and blade servers. All these make the uniformity of our data center more and more critical

on the other hand, we need to consider how to synchronize the speed of data center and enterprise business development. For example, today's business development needs to add five servers. Can you put the power, refrigeration and cable rack required by these five servers into the machine room within 20 days. The more power is consumed in the data center, the more heat is generated. Therefore, a problem caused by power density is the hot spot. Virtualization makes this hot spot worse, and it may change dynamically in different periods and locations

let's further summarize the problem just mentioned. In the data center, the first problem is that with the emergence of cloud computing virtualization and blade, as well as doip and Ethernet, the power density of our entire data center becomes more and more dense

on the one hand, there are more and more applications, devices and application software platforms carried by data centers

second, more and more power supply and refrigeration capacity are required in each cabinet

third, the data center needs a fast way to keep up with the pace of business development according to the needs of business development. As just mentioned, it needs to deploy 5 or 50 servers. How long can you give me to deploy them, so that my corresponding business applications can be quickly put into use, so that the business process will not be affected. For this part, we need to be able to quickly adjust the IT infrastructure and quickly deploy how much power and refrigeration it needs in the entire data center operation once the business needs it

fourth, both the Eleventh Five Year Plan and the twelfth five year plan have clear targets for energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, energy conservation and emission reduction has been an important embodiment of enterprise social development. For this part: on the one hand, it refers to how to effectively use energy and reduce energy consumption; On the other hand, how to make full use of existing resources to bring more output. So based on this level, what we need to consider is denser, faster and greener. Of course, no matter how fast, green and dense all data centers are, they can't support my business operation, which is empty talk and empty talk. So at this time, one of the most fundamental requirements of the data center is to ensure its availability

based on the above parts, the relationship between them is not contradictory. How to effectively balance them, we need to look at a data center from the perspective of the overall system, from the construction stage, how to determine the scale of power supply and refrigeration, from the operation stage, how to intelligent management, from the actual overall life cycle stage, how to effectively balance the synchronization of capacity and business development

based on these, we believe that data center is a very important library for an enterprise. At the same time, as a CIO or data center manager, he is first of all the chief information officer, the chief infrastructure officer, and the chief intelligence officer. From this perspective, the key to the data center is the data center with excellent performance. It needs a very flexible and expandable data center. It also needs the data center to be able to quickly synchronize with the business according to the development needs of the business. The most important part is that we also hope that the suppliers who can provide data center solutions have all-round capabilities, It can further meet the needs of enterprises to continuously improve over time

when it comes to building a data center, we all consider the initial stage. All the initial stages are based on needs, whether your needs are because of my needs, basic availability, or I have the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, or I need to further realize an intelligent management, whether your data center is a structure in which traditional equipment is separated from it equipment, Or the data center adopts the structure of row level refrigeration and regionalization. All parts need an optimal solution to meet our needs

for this part, this solution is not only from the performance, but also from the cost balance. For us, if there is a data center of the next generation infratruxure system, each of which is no more than 3000 kW, you need high-density servers, and you need to turn the existing data center into a world-class next-generation data center. For this part, regional expansion can be adopted

in addition, whether your data center equipment has been used for sixorseven years, or has been used for sevenoreight or eighty-nine years, you should consider updating it. Based on this situation, there may be no extra space in your data center. Based on this part, there are also corresponding intelligent solutions to increase the capacity of refrigeration and power supply without requiring additional space. Especially for Telecom rooms and large-scale IDC, a direct problem is that I don't know what mode my data center, my business and server hosting business capabilities will develop into in two years, five years, eight years or ten years

therefore, it means that if I want to foresee the future, it is also a dream. An important premise is that if we can expand step by step based on modern needs, I will deploy 50 or 100 cabinets today. In the future, the business will expand, and we can deploy in a very short time, one week or two weeks. Another 20 or 50 cabinets are also very important. This is a typical standardized build process (PPT) that can be repeated in stages

therefore, an important premise is that whether you convert from the original system, or update based on the current old system, or if you want to build a large data center from scratch, you need to consider an integrated design. That is, the direction and legal principles of the universal suffrage system affirmed by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress decide whether the equipment built today can match your data center as a whole in three years and five years. If we blindly advocate the star dream of equipment, we all know that good equipment also needs good management. Therefore, we need to consider not only the performance of each device and component, but also the combination with the system to form a comprehensive integrated solution

this is a typical example. If we adopt the mode of IDC using efficient air supply. As we all know, pue is 2.25. If we change and eliminate the original traditional ups and use efficient UPS, we can only increase the pue value by 2.02 at most Similarly, if you can use the refrigeration method close to the heat source based on the on-site structure to prevent the mixing of cold and hot air, the pue value of your overall data center will be reduced to 1.49 If you can ensure that the it load capacity of your data center is as close as possible to your data power supply, this indicator can be further reduced. If all energy-saving modes are applied, and there is no cabinet space for servers in the data center, with blind plates, 1.26 can finally be achieved You can go to our station and have a look at your annual electricity bill and the electricity bill we calculated. The difference will not exceed 10%

the specific solution includes power supply and refrigeration, which should be considered

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