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For the selection of corrugated box testing instruments, refer to the corrugated box standard, which stipulates the requirements of carton classification, basic carton type code, carton accessories, dimensions, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules. As a corrugated box for packaging, a variety of carton products can be designed and manufactured according to the different types of corrugated boards selected, the weight of the contents in the package and the size of the inner cavity of the carton. These products are accepted according to their respective standards or the specific requirements agreed by the supplier and the demander. Generally, the test items for evaluating the mechanical properties of corrugated boxes mainly include compressive strength, impact strength and transfer strength. Among the three mechanical properties, the most important item is compressive strength. High compressive strength means good performance. Improving compressive strength can improve performance. Compressive strength is closely related to the stability of cartons, and the compressive strength of cartons is the critical strength of carton failure. In addition, the compressive strength is different from the stacking strength. The compressive strength is always much larger than the supporting load of the carton when it is loaded for a long time. The compressive strength reflects the short-term stability, and the stacking strength reflects the long-term stability. Compression test and stacking test belong to different compression test items. The two tests are controlled by two test method standards respectively, which are:

1), gb/t 4857.4 "pressure test methods for packaging and transportation packages"

2), gb/t 4857.3 "stacking test methods for packaging and transportation packages"

compression testing machine is a large-scale test equipment, which is designed for the pressure test of transportation packages, Due to the adoption of modern electronic technology, the measurement and control system function of this equipment is very advanced. Using this equipment can not only carry out the compression test of cartons, but also simulate the working procedure of stacking test to carry out the stacking strength test. In addition, it can also carry out the set value pressure test. Compression testing machine is an indispensable test equipment for the quality inspection of finished cartons

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in addition, optimize the performance of tires, composite body panels, CFRP materials and batteries. 3. Select punch like production enterprises according to the impact energy required for impact tests, Drop testing machine and hexagonal roller testing machine are rarely used

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