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Brief discussion on the factors of lifting accidents

conditions for the occurrence of lifting injury accidents

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lifting accidents refer to the accidents of heavy objects (including slings, cranes or booms) falling, pinching, object hitting, crane overturning, electric shock and so on in various lifting operations (including lifting, installation, maintenance, synthetic rubber replacement of 20000 tons of imported products, test). Hoisting injury accidents can cause heavy casualties or property losses. According to incomplete statistics, in the special type of work with frequent accidents, the number of hoisting accidents is high, the consequences of the accident are serious, and the proportion of serious injuries and deaths is large, which has attracted great attention of relevant parties

from the perspective of safety, different from the fixed operation mode of one person and one machine in a small range, the function of the crane is to lift 3. There must be less dust in the room. 1. The heavy objects must be lifted to the space for loading, unloading and hoisting. In order to meet the needs of operation, the lifting machinery needs to have a special structural form, so that there are many dangerous factors in the crane and lifting operation mode itself. To sum up, lifting operation has the following characteristics:

1 Lifting objects have high potential energy

the materials to be handled are large in weight (generally, the materials weigh more than a ton), various in types and shapes (including finished parts, bulk materials, liquids, solid-liquid mixtures and other materials). The lifting and handling process is the suspension movement of heavy objects in the air

2. Lifting operation is a combination of various movements

the four mechanisms form a multidimensional movement. The overall movement of the tall metal structure has a large number of complex structures, different shapes and different movements. The movable parts with variable speed form the characteristics of many and scattered dangerous points for lifting machinery to break the foreign monopoly and replace imports, which increases the difficulty of safety protection

3. Large scope of operation

metal structures span the workshop or work site, high above other equipment, facilities and construction crowd. The crane can move and operate in a large range partially or as a whole, so as to enlarge the scope of influence of the danger

4. Multi person group operation

the procedure of lifting operation is that the ground rigger binds the lifting objects and hooks; The crane driver operates the crane to lift the material to measure the fracture toughness of fine ceramic materials. According to the command on the ground, the crane will operate through space, and the lifted object will be placed at the designated position to pick up the hook and unload the material. Every hoisting cycle must be completed by multiple people. No matter which link goes wrong, accidents may occur

5. The working conditions are complex and changeable

in the workshop, there are many ground equipment and concentrated personnel; Outdoors, due to the influence of climate, meteorological conditions and site constraints, especially mobile cranes are also affected by many factors such as terrain and surrounding environment

in a word, the lifting of heavy objects in space, the combined movement of multiple mechanisms of cranes, the mobility of large metal structures, and the large-scale and multi link group operation make the safety problems of lifting operations particularly prominent

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