The hottest styrene fell below the support level,

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Styrene fell below the support level and plummeted just in progress

I. Asian market

1 Spot price unit: USD/ton

WTI crude oil


pure benzene

June 22, 2007




June 15, 2007




June 8, 2007




June 1, 2007




May 25, 2007



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note: (1) crude oil is quoted for August Futures (2) pure benzene/styrene is quoted FOB Korean spot price

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2. Brief description:

this week, pure benzene negotiations rose, but the Asian styrene market performance was calm, and the intention gap between the two sides was very far, In addition, the goods in the middle and early July are relatively limited, and negotiations are rare. In August, the shipment date was negotiated in USD/ton (Fob main port of South Korea), but there was no transaction

in the import market, a single shipment in the first half of July was traded at 1370 US dollars/ton (CFR East China main port TT 30), and the buyer was a foreign merchant. In the second half of July, the quotation of shipping goods was low, at $1365/ton (CFR East China main port). Under the domestic downturn, most buyers kept retreating and waiting

has a definite impact on the utilization of traditional aluminum alloy materials in the aviation industry. Second, the domestic market

1 Transaction price unit: yuan/ton



pure benzene

June 22, 2007



June 15, 2007



June 8, 2007



June 1, 2007



May 25th, 2007



note: the above products are the mainstream transaction prices (including tax) in the East China market

2 Brief description:

for a week, the styrene market is still short of buying gas. Due to the negative impact of downstream procurement, the negotiation is light, the price continues to decline slowly, and the trading volume is general, so it is difficult to make large-scale transactions now. By the end of the week, prices were all weak, the downward trend continued, and traders' pessimism increased slightly

upr market has been significantly affected by the government's resolute attitude towards pollution control, and there has been no clear improvement in the market recently. In terms of EPS, the state has reduced the export tax rebate rate from 11% to 5%, and the EPS export profits have been significantly affected. Recently, the market has not been affected because the price difference between raw styrene and EPS can ensure that EPS has sufficient profits

styrene from UPR plant continues to flow into the market. Three sets of styrene units of FCFC are at full capacity. Recently, spot goods have continuously flowed into China, and the market supply continues to develop towards alleviating the situation

III. Market Forecast for next week

on the whole, the domestic styrene market continues to be depressed, and the price continues to decline. It is expected that the market will still be in a downward adjustment state in the near future, with the support level of 12200-12250 yuan/ton in the early market falling below, and the short-term support level of 12000 yuan/ton in the market

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