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Talking about the fire risk of electric arc welding and its fire prevention measures

electric arc welding is a method of welding after melting the metal by using the arc generated by the continuous power supply of low voltage and large flow between electrodes. It is an important processing technology with an accuracy of 50 limits in modern industrial production, which has the characteristics of saving metal materials, reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, and maintaining good water tightness and air tightness, It has become an important technical force in China's industrial production

arc welding has great fire risk, which is manifested in:

1. The heat conduction of welding causes fire accidents. Because the arc welding is to weld the metal after melting through the arc, and the temperature of this arc in the welding process is up to more than 6000 degrees. When welding, the weldment is not removed, and the heat is transmitted with the metal, which is easy to ignite the combustible at the other end of the weldment

2. Flying fire. During welding, hot sparks splashed everywhere. The temperature of these sparks is relatively high. When splashed on cotton, hemp, yarn head, straw and other combustibles, they can smolder and spread, causing fires; When exposed to explosive gas, it will cause explosion 7 The tensile strength testing machine can control the rate of experimental force, deformation, displacement and maintain explosion

3. Electric welding operation is carried out in paint spraying, paint workshop or parts with flammable and explosive gases. Flammable and explosive gases will cause deflagration accidents in case of electric welding open fire

4. The electric welding wire is often dragged during operation. As long as the spring is put into the test panel wire, it is easy to damage the insulation and cause a short circuit, causing a fire accident

the fire prevention measures for arc welding are:

1. Strict three-level fire approval system. When welding in places with combustibles, three-level fire approval procedures shall be strictly enforced. Even if the application is submitted by the hot work unit and the security department, the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved. The welding can be carried out at the specified time and place after being approved by the public security and fire protection agency

2. Make all preparations before electric welding. Generally, welding is not allowed in places with fire and explosion hazards, and equipment requiring maintenance should be removed and moved to a safe place for repair. When welding in these places, the hot work system shall be strictly implemented. It is required that the place of electric welding operation should keep enough safe distance from inflammable and explosive workshops, warehouses, oil depots, gas tanks, stacking, etc., and try to stay away from inflammable and explosive devices, equipment and pipelines under production. If you choose to weld in a safe place, all the combustibles around should be removed. If you can't remove them, spray them with water and cover them with asbestos board, asbestos cloth or wet gunny bags to isolate sparks. When working at heights, clean the combustibles below. If necessary, use asbestos board, thin iron plate and other non combustible materials to make a fire box, and cover the upper part with a layer of sand. Prevent sparks from splashing when working in windy weather

3. Special personnel shall be assigned to guard key projects and key parts. When arc welding is carried out in key projects and key parts, special personnel shall be assigned to watch and prepare fire-fighting equipment. In particular, important and complex projects, such as welding structures filled with combustible insulation layers, and welding metal parts in direct contact with combustibles, can only leave after the work is completed and guarded for a period of time to confirm that there is no danger

4. Electric welding equipment must be kept in good condition. The arc welding machine shall not work with diseases, and it shall be repaired in time in case of faults. When the arc welding machine that has been out of service for a long time is to be started, the electrical appliances in the machine must be prevented from being affected by moisture, and heating and fire during use; The power conductor shall have sufficient section, the arc welding machine and the power supply shall be insulated reliably, and the fuse protection shall be installed. Formal welders who have passed the examination must be used during welding

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