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Sports and arts unite the hearts of employees and jointly promote the construction of Ruyi culture

Sports and arts unite the hearts of employees and jointly promote the construction of Ruyi culture

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recently, the closing ceremony of the 2014 staff sports and Arts Festival and the final of the top ten singers of Ruyi company were grandly held in the Great Hall of the company, marking the successful conclusion of the three-month staff sports and Arts Festival. Chu Jiwang, chairman of Ruyi company, anchor lock Φ 44mm, general manager Chu Jiang, president Zhu Aifen, Chinese musicians no matter how many dishes they buy, Gan Fuwei, member of the association and artistic director of Ningbo TV university activities, Yan Zaiwang, member of the association of Chinese musicians and chairman of Ninghai County Musicians Association, Xu TingChang, member of the association of Chinese musicians and senior research librarian of the cultural center, Yang Jianguo, member of Ningbo filmmakers Association and senior program host, national first-class actors Tang JieFei, President of Ninghai Dramatists Association and curator of Ninghai County Cultural Center, and well-known calligraphers and painters attended the event

staff culture and sports unite people's minds and jointly promote the construction of Ruyi culture

this staff culture and Sports Festival is based on the enterprise culture theory with "culture, passion, value and harmony" as the core, coupled with the idea that processing has fallen significantly to the level of 100 yuan per kilogram, fully excavate and integrate staff cultural and artistic resources, and widely carry out mass staff literary and artistic sports activities. Since the opening ceremony on November 7, a total of more than 200 employees have participated in forklift, badminton, basketball, table tennis, calligraphy and painting, "Ruyi culture, Xilin imagination" singing and other competitions. Their highly skilled forklift technology, popular sports skills, lifelike calligraphy and painting rhyme and ink, and sweet and beautiful singing have fully demonstrated the unique style of Ruyi employees. It is the trade union system that sends culture to employees, happiness to the front line Effective practice of mass cultural and sports activities that deliver services to people around

At the closing ceremony, Chu Jiwang, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a speech for the celebration. He highly affirmed the role and influence of the staff culture and Art Festival, and hoped that each staff member would fully realize the importance of staff culture construction, fully support and actively participate in the staff culture series activities organized by the trade union. At the party, general manager Chu Jiang encouraged the trade union to continue to pay attention to the construction of cultural brands and cultural and sports teams in its future work, so that the majority of employees can actively participate in cultural construction and cultural activities, and show their own style

the closing ceremony party kicked off in the wonderful performance of the dance "lanterns and decorations". The passionate opening remarks of the host ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, and the tacit interaction on and off the stage attracted bursts of applause. Subsequently, staff and art lovers from all departments and workshops competed to show their "unique skills". Wonderful programs such as song "time boiled the rain", "secretly fascinated", and dance "Jasmine" took turns, pushing the atmosphere of the party to a climax and bringing an audio-visual feast to everyone. At the party, famous calligraphers and painters were also invited to award the "calligraphy and painting creation exchange activity base". At the same time, the winners of various competitions in the art festival were presented with awards, and an on-site lottery was held

the 2-month staff culture and Art Festival fully displayed the healthy and upward spirit of Ruyi staff, provided multiple platforms for staff to show their strengths, promoted the harmonious development of Ruyi culture, and created a harmonious and happy artistic atmosphere. I believe this common memory can make our life more colorful

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