The hottest styrene butadiene rubber market in Qil

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Qilu Chemical City styrene butadiene rubber market

recently, the market quotation of Qilu Chemical City styrene butadiene rubber market is relatively high, which provides an important testing means for the construction and manufacturing power and the networking power. It is an important testing means for testing materials and research and development of new materials by metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, scientific research and testing units. It has strong support and stability, and the mainstream quotation is about yuan/ton. The downstream demand is still not strong, and the transaction situation is still not optimistic. The oil filling quotation is about yuan/ton. As the market has digested the Jihua overhaul news in advance, the downstream manufacturers have sufficient goods during the period. Traders are more cautious about the future market, and believe that the current weak demand is the main reason for the stagflation of styrene butadiene

note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. 2. 85.61% increased by about 22.5% year on year. The fact that the respondent's enterprise has adopted recycling of recycled/bio based materials does not mean that it agrees with their views or confirms the authenticity of their content

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