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The "promising future" of students majoring in IOT is another year to prepare for the 4D printing period. In two months, another group of younger students will step into the door of IOT major. Although colleges and universities are a little suspicious of following the trend in the application of IOT major in recent years, some people criticize that many colleges and universities are just trying to coerce IOT for scientific research funds. However, the IOT industry has a real demand for talents, and the development prospects of these IOT related occupations are also very attractive

at present, the national IOT industrial system is being established and improved. According to statistics, the output value of China IOT industry will reach 750billion yuan in 2015, and will increase rapidly at a rate of 30% every year. By 2020, the business ratio of the global IOT to the Internet will reach 30:1, and the IOT will become a trillions of industries. For example, the temperature box used in the experiment of military products should not only meet the requirements of the national military standards gjb150.3-86 and gjb150.4-86 according to different uniformity and temperature control accuracy. From 009 to now, it is only four years. In Wuxi City, which is the center of China IOT, there are thousands of enterprises engaged in IOT, The resulting employment opportunities have reached more than 100000

in the next decade, IOT will be widely used in transportation, logistics, security, electricity, home, medical, mining, military and other fields. After infiltrating these traditional industries and operating them according to the actual utilization, it is bound to affect and change the production and operation mode of traditional industries. In this way, the industry that originally seemed to have nothing to do with IOT has also become a rubber material universal testing machine. In the process of using it, there may be some faults that need practitioners who know a certain IOT technology. For example, although you are not from logistics, when IOT is integrated into the logistics industry, you can still find a job in the logistics company by maintaining the intelligent logistics system and the Traceability Technology of express goods

the first batch of students majoring in IOT in China have not graduated, but some enterprises have extended olive branches to them. Jiangnan University in Jiangsu and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications in Beijing have cooperated with enterprises to establish IOT Industrial Park, and invited students to practice in the industrial park. It is well known that internships in large enterprises are the stepping stones for many fresh graduates to enter famous enterprises

as IOT engineering is a typical interdisciplinary discipline, involving the knowledge of electronics, computer, measurement and control, communication, software and other majors, the natural employment scope is relatively wide. Moreover, if the development of IOT is not satisfactory after a few years, graduates of IOT can still work in computers, communications, software and other aspects, and will not face the embarrassment that their work is completely irrelevant to their majors

of course, although the IOT industry has a large demand for talents and high wages, there is a premise that you have to be a talent. No matter what industry, you can become an industry elite only if you have genuine talent and practical knowledge. For this kind of IOT technology industry, the ability requirements for graduates are also relatively high. Many middle and senior positions in enterprises require master's degree and relevant work experience, Other companies will specify which programming languages or development frameworks they need candidates to master. This requires students to plan their own development direction when studying in school, and cultivate their own ability purposefully to meet the requirements of enterprises

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