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Discussion on the factors affecting the peel strength of composite films (Part 2)

2. In the second experiment, we determined that the ripening temperature part 1 carbon rate steel and low alloy steel is 60 ℃, and analyzed the influence of coating amount, type of adhesive and choice of film on the peel strength of composite films. Since the corona value of PE film material itself has reached 42mn/m, its corona current value (the measured corona current value is that of PET film) is not considered temporarily

since the state of PET film after corona is measured with corona water, the change is not obvious, so in this experiment, the impact current of the corona machine is used to measure, and other corona conditions are the same. The experimental results are shown in Table 3

the R value in Table 4 is the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value under each condition. Analyzing the experimental results in Table 4, the maximum peel strength can be obtained by selecting PE with the assistance of Zhaoqing Hongwang and the process conditions of film C, corona current of 30a, coating amount of 5g/m2 and adhesive E

the influencing factors of peel strength in the second experiment are shown in Figure 2

although the above four process conditions have the same influence on the peel strength of the composite film, the gap between them is not very large. This shows that these conditions have a significant impact on the final peel strength

based on the above experimental results and the data in Table 2 and table 4, we can draw the following conclusion: for the peel strength of composite film (PET/PE structure), the main influencing factors are ripening temperature, selection of substrate, control of coating amount, selection of adhesive and surface treatment, while the composite temperature and residual solvent are not the main factors

in this experiment, PE film C and adhesive e are selected. Under the curing conditions of 5g/m2 coating amount, 30A corona current and 60 ℃, the peel strength satisfactory to customers can be obtained

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