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The market of styrene butadiene rubber surged

in February, the market price of styrene butadiene rubber rose all the way due to the rising prices of main raw materials, the record high natural rubber market, the continuous rise of manufacturers and the momentum of intermediaries. It was not until the market foam gradually squeezed out at the end of the month that the market fell

in the first ten days of February, all links were actively purchased. In addition, the raw material market continued to improve and the natural rubber market hit new highs. Manufacturers increased their quotations one after another, and the market rose rapidly, realizing a good start in the off-season. In mid February, driven by the tight market prices of those who intend to participate in the meeting in the main raw material market, the market speculation atmosphere further heated up, and the market price is far higher than the ex factory price, creating the largest price difference between the two in recent years. Manufacturers have pushed up their quotations one after another. However, the shock of the crude oil market and natural rubber market has cooled the thermal expansion market a little, and the increase rate of consumer demand in the downstream processing industry has been far lower than market expectations, The operation strategy of traders has also changed from a large number of purchases to import and export at the same time. The market quotation is chaotic. The strong upward momentum has converged at the end of the middle period, with extrusion and calendering parts accounting for about 10% respectively. In late February, although the main raw material market rose sharply, and individual manufacturers also took the opportunity to increase their quotations, the market was blocked by rising prices, which reflected a flat response. The natural rubber market continued to fluctuate, and the downstream consumer demand was in a seasonal off-season, which had an impact on the mentality of market participants. Dealers accelerated the speed of shipment, the downstream processing industry received goods negatively, the market transaction was not close to expectations, and markets everywhere fell to varying degrees. As of the end of the month, The quotation of rosin gum is 15200 ~ 15700 yuan/ton, and the quotation of oil filled gum is 12600 ~ 13000 yuan/ton

although the high volatility of the energy market will bring some destabilizing factors to styrene butadiene rubber and the loss of brand trust in the always competitive market, the situation of tight prices in the main raw material market has formed a strong support for styrene butadiene rubber. Although the high-level consolidation of the natural rubber market has a certain impact on the mentality of market participants, due to the large price difference with styrene butadiene rubber, the mutual linkage has been weakened. In March, the downstream processing industry began to warm up to prepare for the subsequent peak demand season, and the overall consumer demand will increase. After short-term inventory digestion and consolidation, the market is expected to continue to rise

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