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Styrene butadiene rubber: domestic styrene butadiene rubber is still in the doldrums

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styrene butadiene rubber 11900 - 12200

CIS styrene butadiene rubber 12100 -12200

styrene butadiene rubber:

on Wednesday (July 8), the market competitiveness of domestic styrene butadiene rubber market was further improved, the market was still in the doldrums, and the trend of some components was slightly stable. Manufacturers' upward quotation has limited effect on the market; The high price of butadiene boosted the market, but the downstream demand was weak, and the market transaction continued to be light

East China market: Shanghai styrene butadiene rubber market maintains consolidation. At present, Jihua rosin 1502 is quoted at about 12000 yuan/ton, Lanhua rosin 1502e is quoted at about 11900 yuan/ton, some Qilu rosin 1502 is quoted at about 12200 yuan/ton, and oil filled 1712 is quoted at about 10900 yuan/ton. It is a firm offer for negotiation; There are sporadic inquiries in the downstream, but the firm offer is general

South China market: the styrene butadiene rubber market in Guangdong and Fujian was volatile, and the fall in international crude oil prices depressed the confidence of the industry. At present, Jihua and Yangjin rosin are quoted at about 1502 yuan/ton, some Qilu rosin are quoted at 1502 yuan/ton, and Yangjin oil filling 1712 is quoted at 11000 yuan/ton, which is subject to firm negotiation; The inquiry atmosphere in the downstream is relatively cold. The most obvious feature of salacona is its high water absorption and quick drying performance. With the increasingly serious and indifferent environmental problems in the market, traders are cautious

North China market: PetroChina's sales companies have successively increased the quotation of styrene butadiene rubber, which has not had a significant impact on the styrene butadiene rubber market in Qilu Chemical City, Shandong Yantai, Tianjin and Hengshui, and the quotation of the industry is relatively stable. At present, Qilu rosin is priced at 1502 yuan/ton, Qilu oil filling is priced at 1712 yuan/ton, Jihua rosin is priced at 1502 yuan/ton, and Yangjin 1712 is priced at 10900 yuan/ton, which are subject to firm negotiation. The weakness of downstream inquiries, the continuous decline of international crude oil prices, suppressed the mentality of the industry, and the market trading continued to be flat

Northeast market: Jilin Petrochemical styrene butadiene rubber plant is running on the third line. PetroChina Northeast sales company has raised the quotation of Jilin styrene butadiene rubber by 200 yuan/ton. At present, the quotation of Jilin rosin 1500 and 1502 is 11. The situation is 800 yuan/ton. Boosted by the rising quotation of PetroChina northeast, the market price of styrene butadiene rubber in Shenyang rose slightly. At present, the quotation of Jihua rosin 1502 is about 12000 yuan/ton, the downstream demand is weak, and the market trading is slow

market trend and analysis: butadiene prices continue to soar, increasing the cost pressure of styrene butadiene rubber. Manufacturers intend to increase the quotation to pass on the pressure, but with little effect. The terminal demand is weak, the downstream factories are in the off-season, and the resources available in the later stage are about to be put on the market. Many adverse factors have suppressed the audience, and the styrene butadiene rubber market has thus reached a deadlock. The weak terminal demand does not change, and the downturn in the styrene butadiene rubber market is difficult to reverse

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