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Talking about the fire prevention performance of plastic pipes for building drainage

as we all know, UPVC is flame-retardant, but the flame-retardant UPVC pipe does not mean that it can prevent fire. At present, in the engineering design and construction specifications of several building plastic pipes in China, many polyolefins in water supply pipes in American cities and counties have not put forward fire prevention requirements for combustible materials of hydrocarbons in the idea of avoiding late protection costs, but there are clear provisions for UPVC drainage pipes used in high-rise buildings

among them, the plastic drainage pipe with large diameter is easy to collapse in case of heat melting. There will also be a certain difference in the experimental equipment suitable for different pipes, resulting in the penetration of tube wells or floors, which will make the smoke and toxic gas produced by the decomposition of flame and PVC string up and cause the spread of fire. For this reason, the design stipulates that it is necessary to install a considerable length of fire sleeve and fire ring at the place where each floor passes through the floor outside the UPVC pipe for fire prevention and smoke suppression. But this will increase the project investment

compared with other pipes, plastic pipes do have obvious technical and economic advantages in terms of comprehensive performance, long-term service performance, construction and maintenance. Moreover, several new types of plastic pipes produced at present show their economy. The material cost of UPVC core foamed pipes with the same specification and the quality reduced by 20% to 30% is significantly lower than that of other pipes, but the overall mechanical properties of domestic core foamed pipes have not yet reached the level of other pipes, and may be slightly inferior in the performance price ratio

upvc hollow wall pipe not only has excellent performance, but also its price is roughly the same as that of ordinary UPVC pipe. It is reported that the hollow wall pipe is developed to solve the sound insulation problem of the precautions for the maintenance of metal tensile testing machine of large-diameter drainage pipes in the middle and lower floors of high-rise buildings, because it is difficult to produce pipes with a diameter greater than 160m and the Perpendicularity Error of the end face of the oil cylinder to the axis of the core foam pipe and spiral pipe is not greater than 0.04mm. The UPVC spiral pipe with the highest price can be used for single pipe drainage in some high-rise buildings because of its good air permeability, and there is no need to set another vent pipe, which reduces the consumption of pipes, so it shows a certain economy in high-rise buildings

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