Why does water and ground heating leak

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There are many misunderstandings about water and floor heating. In addition to the misunderstanding of radiation, which has been refuted countless times, the most misunderstandings are about the leakage of floor heating. Some floor heating companies or brands with poor quality have led to endless news reports on the leakage of floor heating, disrupting the cognition of consumers

water floor heating, the most reasonable and comfortable floor heating product, will cause great trouble in later use if there is no standardized operation and strict protective measures. It will also make many owners distrust floor heating products and question the safety of floor heating

in fact, if you find the right brand of floor heating, the floor heating will not leak, and the life of the floor heating pipe can be the same as or even longer than that of the house

first of all, let's understand the reasons for the leakage of floor heating. The reasons for the leakage of floor heating include the following aspects:

first, the quality of its own materials; Second, pipeline damage caused by construction not in accordance with the specifications; Third, in the later decoration process, the decoration workers' mistakes and wrong use of mechanical equipment to break the pipeline, such as electric hammers, cutting machines, nail guns, etc. It is easy to find and repair the water leakage in the early ground heating construction, but it is difficult and troublesome to repair the water leakage found in the later use. The consequences of the damage of the floor heating pipeline will cause great incidental losses to the owners and downstairs. At the same time, due to the particularity of the floor heating, it will bring great trouble to find the point of pipeline damage. The consequences of the leakage of the floor heating of the central heating are the most serious, while the floor heating of the wall mounted boiler is much better, but if it is not found in time, it will also cause the boiler water shortage and damage failure

the water leakage caused by the first two kinds can generally be found and repaired in the early stage of decoration, while the third kind can only be found after a certain period of occupancy and use. At this time, the actual water leakage point cannot be found on the floor surface. How to find the leakage point of floor heating requires good judgment ability, and with the help of early design and construction drawings and certain instruments, we can achieve the goal of speed

it can be seen that the problem of pipe leakage is basically caused by the quality and improper installation of the original floor heating, except in the decoration stage after the installation of the floor heating, due to the irresponsibility of the decoration workers, the nail gun is randomly emptied, and the cutting machine is randomly cutting stones on the unprotected floor heating leveling layer

therefore, consumers should keep their eyes open when choosing a brand of floor heating to avoid unnecessary trouble and add time and money

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