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Personally, I prefer second-hand houses. The first is the existing house. As long as the transaction is completed, you can renovate and decorate the old house, or if you encounter a family who cares about the house, you can move in directly without decoration, which also saves a large amount of decoration fees; Secondly, the supporting facilities of second-hand houses are relatively mature, and school districts, hospitals and public facilities will be relatively complete

personally, I prefer second-hand houses. The first is the existing house. As long as the transaction is completed, you can renovate and decorate the old house, or if you encounter a family who cares about the house, you can move in directly without decoration, which also saves a large amount of decoration fees; Secondly, the supporting facilities of second-hand houses are relatively mature, and school districts, hospitals and public facilities will be relatively complete

there are more and more relatives and friends who buy second-hand houses around, and they also like to refer to me. Among these second-hand houses bought by relatives and friends, some are rough, some have lived in by themselves, and some are rented houses. There are those who cherish the house, and there are those who do not cherish the house

in a word, after buying a second-hand house, it is of course the best to move in immediately and save a lot of decoration costs. However, some are old, or the decoration is out of date, or the pattern is not reasonable, and some even have potential safety hazards, which directly affect the quality of life after check-in, so it is necessary to change the decoration design again

today, I will talk about the renovation of old houses. What needs to be renovated in the renovation of old houses? What should we pay attention to

not all old houses need to be demolished and refitted

it is not necessary to dismantle and refit all second-hand houses. If it is a house with a longer age, it is recommended to comprehensively renovate it to save worries at home; If some of the original layout of the house is acceptable, or only partial changes can be made due to budget and other problems, local renovation will be considered

so before decoration, you must make a detailed plan for yourself, and what is the budget. The whole planning and design is very important, which can avoid you from taking some detours in the decoration process

which can/cannot be demolished for renovation and decoration of old houses

the decoration of second-hand houses cannot avoid demolition and renovation. But what can and cannot be dismantled? These are very particular. First of all, we must know what cannot be dismantled. If it is dismantled incorrectly, the consequences will be serious

● the load-bearing wall must not be removed

● the old wall surface should be repaired

● the concealed works need special attention

● the waste water and electricity lines should be removed

● the aging doors and windows should be removed and replaced in time

what is the renovation and decoration of the old house

//structural optimization//

the layout of second-hand houses is generally unreasonable. Some structural layout optimization can be carried out according to the actual situation of the house during decoration, such as making full use of wasted space, dismantling and transforming some partition walls (non load-bearing walls), wall cabinets, roof cabinets to improve lighting and utilization rate, etc

the kitchen of old houses in the 1970s and 1980s is usually small, and there are no gas wells and pipe wells. If you and your family don't often cook cooking with heavy cooking fumes, you can try the most fashionable open kitchen, which can effectively solve the problem of small kitchen area

the bathroom of the old house is also very small, with an area of only 1~2 m2, and many of them are dark toilets, with no windows, poor lighting and loose taste

it is recommended to choose smaller bathroom products, increase storage space and do a good job in dry and wet zoning. In addition, using light colored tiles to improve the brightness of the space can make the bathroom look visually larger. A large suction exhaust system can be installed in the dark room

in addition, the most critical point is to redo the waterproof layer, and then do the closed water experiment

//wall optimization//

most of the walls and floors of second-hand houses need to be renovated

in the past, the walls and ceilings of houses were usually painted white (gypsum + putty). After years of baptism, there were serious problems such as cracking, hollowing, delamination, mildew and so on. If you don't do it again, it will seriously affect the beauty

first check the curing strength of the cement mortar, gypsum plaster layer and putty layer on the wall surface. If it is found that the quality of the base treatment materials is poor and the foundation construction is unqualified, it is necessary to remove it and do the base treatment on the wall top again. It is recommended to shovel off all the wall skins until the red bricks are exposed, and then carry out standardized base treatment, and then use gypsum for leveling

I want to remind you that when optimizing the wall, whether it is a new house or an old house, you can't dismantle or change the load-bearing wall and the counterweight wall of the balcony door and the window

//floor renovation//

floor renovation is to polish, putty, paint, wax and polish the surface of the floor, making the old floor look like a new one. Compared with buying the floor again, the old floor adapts to the indoor environment, has better stability, and the renovation cost is much cheaper

but not all floors can be renovated. Only solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4mm can be renovated. And in the decoration of second-hand houses, local renovation will cause the difference between the old and new floors, so we can't renovate the floors blindly

we should remind you that when transforming the floor of second-hand houses, don't think it's OK to smash the floor tiles and pave them again. The cement layer below must also be removed. If there is floor heating, you must be extra careful when knocking on the ground, and be careful not to break the heating pipe

//waterway reconstruction//

the original waterway should be thoroughly inspected to see whether there are corrosion and aging problems

if the original pipeline uses galvanized pipes that have been eliminated (galvanized pipes are previously used water pipes, and all pipelines are arranged with exposed pipes, which takes up space and affects the appearance, it is important that a large amount of rust accumulates in the pipe after using for a period of time, causing excessive heavy metal elements in the water and endangering human health after drinking. The use of galvanized pipes has been banned by the state.), Now when decorating, we have to replace all the original water pipes with PP-R pipes. After the construction of water pipes, we need to do a pressure test

in addition, the original water pipelines of second-hand houses often have unreasonable layout. You need to know the laying conditions of the original upper and lower water pipelines in the house, including the location of the water inlet pipe, the location of the kitchen and toilet drainage pipe, the location of the toilet drain, the location of the washbasin drain, the location of the shower floor leak, the location of the water pipe under the sink, the height of the water pipe on the top of the kitchen and bathroom, and the way of exposed installation or concealed laying of the water pipeline, Change the layout of water pipelines as needed

//circuit transformation//

after the waterway, it depends on the circuit. For the houses with long housing age, the common circuit problems mainly include: the wires have no grounding protection, the wire circuit is simple, the circuit equipment is seriously aging, and the switches and sockets are not enough. In the era of rapid upgrading of various household appliances, the circuit in the past can no longer meet the power needs of modern families, so it must be completely transformed and rewired during decoration

if it is found that the original line uses aluminum wires, all of them must be replaced with copper wires with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2; For the lines installed with high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, a line with a 4 square millimeter cross-section should be set separately, and PVC insulated wire protection tubes must be used when embedding wires; Before decoration, it is necessary to re plan the water and electricity points: separate the strong current from the weak current, separate the lighting, sockets, electrical appliances and high-power electrical appliances, and select the wire rod corresponding to the demand, with 2.5~6mm² Mainly copper core wire

these must be carried out in strict accordance with the standard specifications in order to ensure the electricity safety of the owner after occupancy

//weak current optimization//

when cable TV and network have not been popularized to all families before, weak circuits are usually built temporarily during self transformation in the later stage. So we need to rectify again

the lines of cable TV and telephone should be rewired according to the actual situation

now many families use network TV, which is also a major trend in the future, so when decorating, each TV port should add a network interface, which is distributed through the router in the weak current box

adding weak current distribution boxes, modems, routers, TV distributors, etc. requires power supply and corresponding space. Having a special weak current distribution box will be much more convenient

//flues, ventilation ducts//

many old houses are stuffed with a lot of construction waste due to some illegal decoration construction, resulting in poor smoke exhaust; Or directly remove the flue or ventilation duct. In view of these problems, it is recommended to test the smoke exhaust and ventilation effect of flue/ventilation duct before decoration. It would be better to know whether the neighbors upstairs and downstairs have illegally demolished and modified the flue and ventilation ducts

//the transformation of doors and windows//

windows not only affect the future living environment, but also affect the overall aesthetics of the house. Most of the windows of old houses are made of flat open iron, flat open or push-pull plastic steel windows. Compared with the commonly used bridge broken aluminum windows nowadays, the effect is relatively poor in terms of sealing, sound insulation and heat preservation performance. It is best to replace the original windows during decoration

it is recommended to adopt the current popular bridge broken aluminum double-layer glass doors and windows. However, the cost of this replacement is relatively large, which needs to be understood in advance

the old door lock must be replaced. You can consider installing a high-tech password lock, which is very convenient for access. Of course, you can also change the door directly

//the balcony is not insulated//

the balcony of the old house is not insulated. It is cold in winter and hot in summer, which is uncomfortable

if the balcony is not insulated, the windows should be replaced first. As mentioned earlier, you can consider breaking the bridge aluminum doors and windows

the other is the transformation of balcony walls. The wall surface shall be insulated in this way: the frame can be nailed with wooden keel on the original wall, and then a layer of oilcloth paper is attached, and then the insulating board is filled outside the oilcloth paper, and the outer layer is sealed with gypsum board. Finally, stick bricks or brush latex paint, and you're done

that's all. If you understand all the above contents, you can roll up your sleeves and start renovating your old house





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