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1. Purchase and delivery process

the purchase and delivery process should be implemented first, and then the delivery process. The specific contents are as follows:

1. Think about which house type you want, and understand the house price, location, etc

2. Look at the house and determine the house: according to the previous understanding of the real estate market, look at the house with a clear purpose, and determine the final choice from the aspects of price, location, type, style, etc

3. Review the qualification of developers and sign house purchase contracts

4. Handle bank loans

5. Waiting for the delivery notice of the developer

6. After receiving the notice of house collection, the buyer shall pay the relevant fees

7. The developer provides the "state owned land use certificate" and the "commercial housing sales (pre-sale) license", as well as the "residential quality guarantee" and the "residential use manual"

8. House inspection: check whether there are quality problems in the house

9. After passing the acceptance, the buyer will take over the house and sign the house handover agreement

2 purchase and delivery standards

first, the developer has obtained the "state owned land use certificate" and the "commercial housing sales (pre-sale) license"

second, the developer provides the "residential quality guarantee" and "residential use manual"

third, when delivering the house, the developer should show the record form of construction project completion acceptance and the technical report of house area measurement

fourth, the engineering design, construction and materials of the house should comply with the contents agreed in the contract

fifth, there are complete and detailed housing construction files and materials

3 precautions for house purchase and delivery

there are many matters that need the attention of the owner in house purchase and delivery. We should focus on the following four aspects:

1. We should carefully review the qualification and legitimacy of the developer and verify the business license of the developer

2. Check whether the purchased house is a legal building. It is required to check the "state owned land use certificate" and "commercial housing sales (pre-sale) license" of the house. When the house is handed over, the buyer should keep a copy of the "residential quality assurance certificate" and "residential use manual", as well as a housing acceptance form, which can be used as a voucher for disputes in the later stage

3. Don't trust the developer too much in fee payment. It's not too late to pay after you verify it yourself, so as to avoid being fooled by the developer and paying more fees

4. It is better for the buyer to inspect the house in person rather than entrust others. If you can bring an experienced friend to inspect the house together, you can check the quality and decoration of the house more carefully, especially the waterproof works of the bathroom and kitchen, the pipeline conditions, the waterproof works of the roof and gable, and whether the wall behind large furniture and household appliances has mildew, etc

4 house purchase and delivery fee

1. Deed tax: 1.5% of the house price paid by ordinary houses; (Note: villas, resorts and buildings with a square meter price more than twice the average price of commercial housing in the previous year are high-end residences, which do not enjoy this tax rate and are still paid at 3%)

2. House purchase and sale transaction handling fee

3. Sales contract stamp tax: five tenths of the house price

4. Public maintenance fund: generally 2% of the house purchase price

5. House ownership registration fee: 0.3 yuan per building square meter

6 Stamp duty on house ownership: 5 yuan/book

7. Production cost of certificate: 4 yuan/book

8. Evaluation fee and surveying and mapping fee




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