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What if you don't have money to decorate the house after buying it? Apply for decoration loan. Home improvement loans are also called decoration loans. Now many banks or consumer finance companies have launched decoration loans. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to decoration loans

I. conditions of decoration loan

decoration loan needs to meet the following basic conditions:

1 Have local permanent residence and legal and valid identity certificates

2. Have a legitimate career and stable income, and have a certain repayment ability

3. The borrower can provide relevant asset certificates, bank statements, tax receipts, etc

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Second, how to apply for decoration loans

decoration loans can be applied for through three ways: house mortgage, personal credit loan and credit card installment

house mortgage: if the borrower has the mortgage right of the house, the house can be used as mortgage to apply for decoration loan. The advantage of applying for decoration loan with real estate mortgage is that the interest is not high, and the amount is high. The disadvantage is that there must be real estate as collateral, and there are many audit steps to handle it, which takes relatively more time

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III. what is the loan amount for decoration

the starting limit of decoration loan is 5000 yuan (including 5000 yuan), and the maximum limit shall not exceed 150000 yuan (including 150000 yuan)

in order to better meet the needs of consumers for installment of home decoration, some banks have launched the business of installment of home decoration with credit cards, aiming at people who live in large and medium-sized cities, have just bought new houses, have no money for decoration, and have a good credit record. The general limit is 100000-200000, and the maximum installment limit for individual products is 500000

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IV. where does the decoration loan go

judging from the current bank lending situation, the loan funds of the decoration loan are directly transferred to the account of the decoration company, so in order to reduce the risk, the borrower must choose a formal decoration company to decorate, so as to avoid being cheated

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v. how many years can I borrow decoration loans

in addition, the upper limit of decoration loan is 100000-200000, and the maximum installment limit of individual products is 500000. However, it should be noted that applicants are civil servants, teachers, regular employees of banks, and companies with a registered capital of more than 30million as middle and senior managers. Generally, the installment period of home decoration is 12 months, 24 months, and the longest is 36 months. The loan period is generally 1-5 years, and there will be some differences in the time of different banks or institutions

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VI. repayment methods of decoration loans

generally, the repayment methods of decoration loans are divided into equal principal and interest and equal principal. As the decoration loan is a consumer loan, and the purpose of the loan amount is decoration, if there are no special circumstances in the implementation of the expected annualized interest rate of the loan, the implementation standard is that the expected annualized interest rate of the base year rises by 10%, that is, 6.534%. In this case, the difference between equal principal and equal principal and interest repayment is 14092 yuan

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VII. Which bank is a good decoration loan?

many banks have handled decoration loans, but the interest and handling charges are different, and the conditions that need to be met are also different. Among them, the handling charge and interest required for the loan of CCB are the lowest, and the conditions required are also the lowest. The decoration loan of CCB can be applied only for a house that has been repaid on time for 6 months. The amount is 20000-500000, and the handling fee is 4% per year, without interest

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VIII. Is the decoration loan cost-effective

as soon as the decoration loan comes, you can borrow the money you need. Compared with borrowing money from relatives and friends, it saves the trouble of human relations. Maybe you can't be ashamed sometimes. At the same time, use the money from the loan to decorate, so that the loan money can be used to make your house better decorated. It will not affect family relations and the quality of home decoration in order to save money

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