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Decoration is a tedious and time-consuming process, which most people are laymen. This also leads some decoration companies or construction teams to play tricks in the decoration process by taking advantage of the shortcomings of the owners who do not understand decoration knowledge

decoration is a tedious and time-consuming process, which most people are laymen. As a result, some decoration companies or construction teams take advantage of the shortcomings of the owners who do not understand decoration knowledge to play tricks in the decoration process: falsely declaring high prices, stealing projects, shoddy... Cheating the decoration owners to earn higher profits! Manager Sun of Suzhou woodpecker home decoration trusteeship company reminded the owners of Guangzhou decoration company to beware of the following fishiness:

1 In the name of not making money, soliciting business

home decoration should also have a cost budget procedure: material costs, construction costs, management fees, profits, etc. should be clear, and decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt the practice of quoting one mouthful or lower than others to undertake business

many owners are short of money because they have just bought a new house, so they often only care about the price in the decoration budget. Some irregular decoration companies or construction teams take advantage of this psychology, cheat the owners at a very low price, and wait until the middle of the decoration to find various reasons to ask for more money. It is proposed that the project cannot be carried out without adding money. At this time, users can only follow the command, and the final settlement price is often much higher than the original quotation

2. Leakage engineering project

users do not understand the decoration content, so they deliberately omit items in the construction project list, and add items to increase the quotation during the construction period. I can't tell you how bitter it is to make you mute and eat Coptis

3. Misreported construction area

although there is a seemingly detailed quotation, the area is deliberately increased when calculating the number of construction areas. For example, the construction area is calculated repeatedly (those excluded are not excluded), or the area of irregular places is calculated according to the maximum size. If users can't see it, they will muddle through; In case the user points out, it will be explained by calculation error or carelessness

4. Substandard materials

the materials on the quotation are inconsistent with the actual use, especially the use of fake and inferior materials at the grass-roots level to reduce costs; Or deliberately increase the material loss and increase the quantities in the name of loss

5. Reduce construction procedures and cut corners to reduce costs

if only two coats of paint should be applied, the cement is shoddy, the wooden base is not treated firmly, all wedges are connected by nails, and the proportion of water added to the emulsion paint is not equal

6. Concealed works can fool people most

hydropower transformation, grass-roots treatment, etc. belong to concealed works, which are the easiest to fool users. For example, when laying a circuit, it is required to install the wire protective tube first, and then penetrate the wire. The process is more complex; In order to save money and time, some decoration teams often pull wires directly. In this way, if the wires are accidentally burned, the entire wall must be destroyed when reinstalling the wires, and the consequences can be imagined

7. Package quotation misleads users

deceives users with the popular package quotation method, which seems to be affordable, but the actual project is vague. If the construction content is not complete, many companies' packages do not include floor tiles, floors and other main materials at all. Of course, the price is very cheap. When you ask for additional items, falsely quote the high price

although some of the set meals include main materials, they are all special price main materials, which are really cheap. For example, the solid wood floor of 50 yuan per square meter is actually substandard, and no one will use it at all; Even some materials that do not meet environmental requirements will be used to deceive users

in addition, all decoration in the form of package do not show the design drawings and budget plans, and do not show the unit price and quantities of a certain project, which is easy to cause various problems in the future decoration

8. Maintenance is not guaranteed

try to boast and undertake business before decoration. After the completion of decoration, quality problems will escape, and quality and maintenance have become major problems




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