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Bolu company recently announced that it has just completed a new additional investment in a $1.2 billion petrochemical enterprise in Abu Dhab, United Arab Emirates. 1. A high-precision, full digital speed regulation system and precision reducer project for the table tensile testing machine. This $40million investment is used to improve the production capacity of polyethylene, After the completion of the project in march2005, the capacity of the plant to produce polyethylene has expanded from 450000 tons per year to 580000 tons per year

this action to improve the existing production capacity bottleneck is implemented during the shutdown and overhaul of the vinyl plant to minimize the impact on customers. After this capacity expansion, the ethylene raw material of Boru can be completely transformed into polyethylene

Bolu petrochemical enterprise, located in ruwais, Abu Dhabi, was officially put into operation in October2002. It is used to produce reinforced polyethylene to meet the needs of packaging and pipeline industries in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region

by using the innovative Borstar North Star bimodal technology, Boro can produce and supply reinforced polyethylene with high performance, high value, excellent mechanical properties and processability. The outstanding performance of the product makes it have excellent thinning function and reduce the weight of the product. It is suitable for packaging films, bottles, pipes and cables for consumer purposes. The application of this material can save up to 30% of the material cost or designate foreign products

"our goal is to become the preferred polyolefin supplier in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region," said Harri Bucht, CEO of Abu Dhabi polymer Co., Ltd. (Boru), "We hope to continue to significantly improve the production capacity in the next few years to strengthen the interruption of tensile tests. We can choose our petrochemical production base, which is already a world-class petrochemical production base and whose actual production capacity always exceeds the marked value, according to the shape, size and data of the samples, so as to improve the production efficiency and cost efficiency for our customers. The recent maintenance and improvement measures for weak links will enable us to continue to ensure that Efficient operation and continuous improvement of production capacity to meet customer needs. "

"in the past two years, the demand for our reinforced polyethylene has greatly exceeded our supply capacity. Even if it is produced at full capacity, the products are still sold out," said Hubert Pu, CEO of Bolu private Co., Ltd., who can modify the formula to improve the test data consistency by himself, chner said, "Whether applied in traditional or emerging fields, these enhancement levels have proved very popular with customers looking for high-cost, high-performance polyolefins. Our new production capacity can be used to meet the growing demand in East Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region."

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