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The Symposium on Fieldbus application and engineering technology was successfully held in Guangzhou recently, the China Market Committee of Fieldbus Foundation successfully held a fieldbus technology application guidance conference in Ramada Hotel, Guangzhou, which attracted more than 200 users from different process industries. The highlight of the conference was that leading enterprise users in China were invited to share their successful application experience, which included the operation advantages and operating income obtained by adopting the foundation's factory automation structure

first, linyongchun, chairman of the China Market Committee of the Fieldbus Foundation, delivered an opening speech, and then guowenzhe, the technical director of the American Enai instrument company, introduced the latest development and dynamics of the fieldbus technology of the foundation. Mr. Xie Huairen from China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Research Institute summarized the application of Foundation Fieldbus Technology in major petrochemical industries in China. Luhuanqing, technical manager of Honeywell, learned about the foundation's fieldbus engineering application guide

Mr. fukaiyang, the project manager of Yunnan Sanhuan fertilizer DAP project, first appeared on the stage and gave a wonderful report on "the application of Foundation Fieldbus Technology in Yunnan Sanhuan fertilizer plant". The report describes the application of Foundation Fieldbus in large-scale control system, which fully reflects that foundation fieldbus technology is a stable and user-friendly process automation scheme

Mr. Zhangyimin, instrument control director of Shanghai Wujing Chemical Co., Ltd., introduced the successful application of Foundation Fieldbus Technology in their company. Mr. Zhangyimin said in his speech that the installation and use of this technology are very convenient, saving the space and cables of the control system cabinet. In addition, the on-site control improves the response time and accuracy of the control system, and the asset management system greatly reduces the debugging time. In Wujing chemical plant, the time for commissioning 115 control valves is saved by 80% compared with traditional technology

Mr. Gaocai, project director of Zhejiang Glass Group, summarized the application of Foundation Fieldbus Technology in Changxing glass factory, and expounded the maintenance requirements of digital equipment. Mr. Gao Cai said: "the advanced asset management tools have realized the function of remote equipment maintenance and greatly improved the security of instrument technicians. At the same time, the digital bus system has also reduced the requirements for the physical layer and installation."

Mr. wangshengli, senior DCS Engineer of CNOOC Shell Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (Huizhou), introduced how to improve plant reliability through predictive maintenance. The report describes how the foundation fieldbus technology is applied to the host management system for predictive maintenance, so as to effectively reduce costs. He also emphasized the importance of training, testing and related tools and equipment for the successful implementation of Fieldbus projects

Mr. yeyingmin, instrument director of Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd., shared with you the implementation process of "MOLP" project, one of the largest foundation fieldbus projects in the world, which is dominated by internal material researchers. In his report, he pointed out that it is very important to grasp certain skills and knowledge for the successful implementation of a field bus project based on preferential tariff rate for some products originating from 40 underdeveloped countries such as Laos and Sudan. As an end user, it is also necessary to adjust some implementation procedures of the project to maximize the advantages of the bus. Finally, he concluded that the use of foundation fieldbus technology and asset management system has improved the reliability of instruments by 99.8%, and reduced the failure rate of 40 more people than the B787 ⑼ aircraft of dream airliner family

the Guangzhou conference was jointly organized by ABB, Shanwu, Bayi cable, Emerson Process Management, endhouse, hesman, Honeywell, Metso, Mettler Toledo, Moore industries international, mtl/relcom, enei instruments, northwire, and may need external release agent pepper +fuchs, Rockwell, Samson and Turk

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