The hottest fifth bell porch award was announced,

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The 5th bell porch award was announced: Linglong tire has become the only award-winning tire enterprise

the 5th lingxuan award was announced: Linglong tire became the only tire enterprise winning the award

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on November 26, the 2020 China Automobile Supply Chain Summit and the fifth bell porch award ceremony were held in Wuhan. Linglong new generation green low rolling resistance tire Power Saver won the "mass production chassis Excellence Award" and became the only tire enterprise winning the award

the ringxuan award was initiated by the automotive business review in conjunction with relevant institutions in 2016. It aims to explore and encourage outstanding elements and new forces in the automotive parts industry, commend advanced representatives, provide technology first supply chain considerations for automotive manufacturers, and create the most valuable communication platform between suppliers and OEMs

in 2020, the fifth lingxuan prize will be judged by a new jury composed of 22 purchasing directors of mainstream Chinese automobile enterprises, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, FAW, SAIC, Chang'an, Geely, great wall and Chery. Together with the founding jury composed of 13 experts, the lingxuan prize will usher in the strongest jury in history. Secondly, the new and old judges combined theory with practice, based on the evaluation materials submitted by enterprises, and brought practical experience into the evaluation criteria, ensuring the authority, professionalism and impartiality of the final results

the selection of the lingxuan award represents the highest level of the current parts awards, whether it is the position of the participating parts enterprises in the industry or the expert evaluation team

for the award-winning new generation of green low rolling resistance tire Power Saver, the rolling resistance test result of the tire is far lower than the grade a requirements of the EU label. Its fuel consumption is 3%-5% lower than that of ordinary tires, and the noise result is 67db, reaching the level of noise level I (≤ 68dB). After several rounds of rigorous reviews, such as the initial vote, collective review and final vote, this product won the "mass production chassis Excellence Award", which is well deserved

fengbaochun, vice president of Linglong tire, received the award (third from the right)

parts and components are the foundation of the automotive industry and an important force for industrial innovation. As an important part of auto parts, Linglong tire always takes the development needs of the auto industry and the market needs of consumers as the goal, leads the enterprise to move towards the medium and high-end industrial chain through technology upgrading, quality upgrading, brand upgrading and other means, and contributes to promoting the performance improvement of the auto industry. Let's see if it is an accurate power of the auto parts enterprise

concentrate on R & D

Linglong deeply promotes the R & D organization reform that is close to the market and quick response. It takes 3%-5% of the sales revenue as R & D investment every year to improve the company's technology R & D level, and continuously transforms advanced technology into the continuous improvement of user experience, so as to create products with more core competitiveness and differentiation, and help the rapid development of the automotive industry. At the same time, the company focuses on the development of green tires with low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions, vigorously develops safety tires and smart tires, and provides more solutions for consumers' safe travel

do so as to obtain more orders from enterprises. Good product quality is the foundation of enterprise development. Linglong regards quality as the life of the enterprise and unswervingly follows the path of quality and benefit. At the same time, under the national strategic background of China's manufacturing industry upgrading, it has upgraded from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", transformed and upgraded the traditional tire industry into smart cloud manufacturing, and established a platform covering product R & D, production, manufacturing, marketing The quality assurance system of the full value stream of after-sales service provides users with superior performance, reliable quality and considerate service of auto parts products and high quality to avoid rusting driving experience

improve brand

the company has formed a diversified brand system oriented to the global differentiated market positioning, such as Linglong, Atlas and Leo, to meet the diversified needs of different consumers. Focusing on the popularity, reputation, loyalty and conversion rate of the brand, the company has implemented precise delivery, multi dimensionally improved the popularity and reputation of Linglong's core brands, and provided more medium and high-end tire brand choices for automobile enterprises

at present, the global automotive industry is in a period of in-depth market adjustment and a period of technological transformation of the fire resistance test method GB 7633 (7) for technical doors and rolling shutters. This transition has brought new opportunities and more challenges to parts and components. Linglong tire will continue to stick to its main business, never forget its original intention, continue to provide safer, green and intelligent tire products for automobile enterprises and consumers, and work with automobile enterprises to promote China to become a new automobile power in the world

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