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Filling knowledge: you need to know the knowledge points of pepper oil filling machine, and the summary is in place

chili oil in raw HR ⑴ 50A desktop Rockwell hardness tester and fy310 portable Rockwell hardness tester have very different senses. Chili oil food with complete color, flavor and taste has become a common food on people's tables, and is used in almost every restaurant. It is generally made by frying pepper and various ingredients, which is deeply loved by everyone. In the early days, chili oil was handmade. Later, with the popularity of consumers, handmade chili oil can no longer meet the needs of restaurants. Many manufacturers seize this huge business opportunity to produce chili oil mechanically on a large scale. Its taste is even more delicious than that of handmade chili oil. So the point is, do you know what kind of chili oil is filled? Secretly told you it was a pepper oil filling machine. The filling volume of bottled chilli oil is about 200ml. Due to the small dosage, the filling precision of chilli oil filling machine is required to be high. Today, Jinan Dongtai will summarize the knowledge of pepper oil filling machine. Dtx14kh

chili oil filling machine diagram:

[structured knowledge of chili oil filling machine]

1. The filling machine is a chili oil filling machine, which is suitable for filling various oils, such as lubricating oil and edible oil

2. The chilli oil filling model is equipped with a touch screen, which can link the frequency conversion and speed regulation conveyor belt, the automatic induction capping machine and the vacuum anti drip device

3、 Pepper stick "Achievements the cooperative fire oil filling machine adopts a high-strength stainless steel frame, which is easy to disassemble and clean, and meets the GMP requirements

4. The man-machine interface directly sets the filling volume, and the filling volume and filling speed are easily adjusted. It is operated and displayed by the touch screen, and has a beautiful appearance;

5. PLC program control, frequency converter speed regulation and linear filling;

6. High-precision liquid pump, accurate and reliable quantitative;

7. Mechanical seal and automatic suction back Prevent dripping and leakage

8. High efficiency filling with double flow rate from fast to slow

note: the filling range and speed can be designed according to the needs of users.

[classification knowledge of pepper oil filling machine]

1. According to the degree of automation: manual pepper oil filling machine, semi-automatic pepper oil filling machine, full-automatic pepper oil filling machine and filling production line

2. According to the structure: linear chili oil filling machine and rotary chili oil filling machine

3. According to the quantitative device: volumetric chili oil filling machine, liquid level chili oil filling machine, rotor chili oil filling machine, plunger chili oil filling machine

4. Number of valve heads by filling if someone washes clothes with river water: single head chili oil filling machine, multi head chili oil filling machine

5. Filling principle: Vacuum chilli oil filling machine, atmospheric chilli oil filling machine, negative pressure chilli oil filling machine, pressurized chilli oil filling machine

[safety knowledge of chili oil filling machine]

health and safety in addition to the conscience guarantee of food producers, chili oil filling machine manufacturers should also put food safety at the primary position in the future development of filling machines:

1. The selection of chili oil filling machine materials is very important because it determines whether the chili oil filling machine can ensure that boredom will not be polluted when it contacts materials. Pepper oil filling machine * is made of stainless steel to prevent rust from polluting pepper oil and threatening human life

2. 2. The pepper oil filling machine produced by the enterprise must be filled under fully enclosed conditions to prevent the diffusion of pollutants, which is also the basic guarantee for commodity safety

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