The hottest fiberglass creates an openable stadium

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The reliant stadium is located in Houston, Texas. It is the first professional football field in the United States with an openable roof. The stadium has greatly improved its management and utilization. It was completed in 2002 and cost as much as 450million US dollars. The Rylant stadium is located in a 325 acre park with 71500 seats. The openable roof design of the Rylant stadium is unique and advanced. It can be opened or closed within 10 minutes. What is more peculiar is that the openable roof of the ruilant stadium is made of highly transparent glass fiber membrane, which makes people feel that it is a fully open stadium even after it is closed

many high-tech information technologies have been applied in the design of the ruilanta stadium. For example, its roof slab is controlled by laser buttons, and equipped with computer automatic temperature control, automatic time recording and automatic alarm climate sensors, which can adjust the sliding speed of the roof according to the storm information and overcome the possible lifting force. When the temperature drops or rises to a certain temperature, the roof of the stadium will automatically close

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