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Filler type neoprene adhesive

component dosage/g component dosage/g general-purpose neoprene can fully meet various temperature control indicators specified in the national standard 100 zinc oxide 10 magnesium oxide 8 gasoline 136 calcium sulfate 100 ethyl acetate 272 antioxidant butane 2 preparation and curing will play an important role in promoting the development of new material industry. The swing rod will not allow the first four substances in the vertical marking formula to be mixed below 40 ℃, Then zinc oxide is mixed to obtain rubber compound. Cut the rubber material into pieces and dissolve it in gasoline or ethyl acetate. When in use, glue it for 2 ~ 3 times, and dry it for about 30min each time. After lapping, hammer it and cure it at room temperature. Usage this adhesive is mainly used for bonding leather, wood, fabric, rubber, polyethylene and other materials

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