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A few titanium dioxide manufacturers tentatively increased by 0.49%

according to the data, the overall average price of titanium dioxide fluctuated at a low level last week (September 2 to September 8), from 14496 yuan/ton at the beginning of last week to 14557 yuan/ton at the end of last week, an increase of 0.42%. The demand market eased slightly, the price of raw titanium concentrate also rose slightly, and a few titanium dioxide manufacturers tentatively increased

prices of some titanium dioxide manufacturers rose tentatively in September. Some producers in East China, central China, South China and southwest China took the lead in raising prices by yuan/ton. In addition, the special brand of Southwest dragon enterprise has slightly boosted the price, and the atmosphere of price increase in the industry is heavy. Most of the price increase is due to the low inventory position, rather than the real improvement of the market.

according to the market situation in the first week of September, Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst at business society, at present, the annual revenue of Southwest Longqi Volkswagen brand is about $15billion and has not been increased. The overall price increase expectation in the industry is not realistic. In the short term, the titanium dioxide price may rise slightly in the future market

at present, the domestic listed companies with titanium dioxide related businesses include Pangang vanadium titanium, anada, CNNC titanium, Bailian, Hongda shares and Jinpu titanium, which has recently been backdoor listed

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