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China glass fiber: seize the opportunity of rapid growth period of the industry to realize transformation and upgrading recently, China Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. held the "Twelve pressure testing machines five" development strategy seminar in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, and determined the development goals for the next five years, that is, through high-end products, industrial clustering, internationalization of layout and market globalization, it is committed to achieving the grand goal of leapfrog development

glass fiber is a new inorganic non-metallic material, which has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation. As a substitute for steel and wood, glass fiber can be used in many fields, such as construction, transportation, electronics, environmental protection, consumer goods, shipbuilding, wind energy, aerospace and so on. China Fiberglass Co., Ltd. mainly carries out fiberglass business through its Jushi Group Co., Ltd. At present, Jushi group has a production capacity of 1million tons, ranking first in the world, and its economic benefit ranks first in Asia in the glass fiber industry. It is one of the four major suppliers in the U.S. market, the world's largest glass fiber market. For many years, Jushi group has been in the leading position in the industry in terms of scale, technology, management and benefit

it is understood that the glass fiber industry is entering a period of great demand and a period of price increase. It is predicted that the global demand for glass fiber will reach 5million to 5.5 million tons in 2011 and 2012, with strong demand. At this time, China glass fiber has formulated the strategic goal of the 12th Five Year Plan, that is, on the basis of scientific analysis and objective judgment on the development trend of the industry, it will firmly seize the opportunity of the rapid growth period of the industry to consolidate its leading position in the industry and lead the whole industry to achieve rapid development

while putting forward the development goals of the 12th Five Year Plan, China glass fiber has also formulated relevant implementation measures. First, we should accelerate the implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy, strengthen the construction of scientific research teams and production technology innovation, and further promote the research and development of new product formulas, so as to significantly increase the proportion of medium - and high-end products; Second, we should slow down domestic extensive investment and expand production at the high end in a timely manner; Third, accelerate the process of internationalization and speed up the establishment of overseas factories; Fourth, rely on the capital market to promote the pace of mergers and acquisitions, and establish smooth financing channels and platforms for enterprise transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment and capacity improvement; Fifth, continue to promote the "going out" strategy in market development, realize the synchronous output of personnel and capital, and further improve the global 5 The fit clearance between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large. Integrate and utilize domestic and foreign resources to realize the integration of global production, supply and marketing

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