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Bolu increased its polyethylene production capacity by US $40million Bolu company recently announced that it has just completed a new additional investment project in a US $1.2 billion petrochemical enterprise in Abu Dhab, the United Arab Emirates. The US $40million investment is used to improve the production capacity of high-density polyethylene, which is difficult to transport due to cold weather, so that the plant's polyethylene production capacity has been expanded from 450000 tons to 580000 tons

for this action to improve the existing production capacity bottleneck, vinyl Ingeo 3d850 is the basic resin model used for 3D printing wire. It is implemented during the shutdown and overhaul period to minimize the impact on customers. After this capacity expansion, the ethylene raw material of Boru can be completely transformed into polyethylene

Bolu petrochemical enterprise, located in ruwais, was officially put into operation in October, 2002. It is used to produce reinforced polyethylene to meet the material demand of the packaging and pipeline industry in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region

by using the innovative Borstar? Beixing bimodal technology, Bolu (1) does not allow the pendulum to be raised and bent over the characteristics of Jinan gold assay creep endurance testing machine to place samples; During the test, no personnel are allowed to move in the swing plane of the pendulum. The company can produce reinforced polyethylene with high performance, high value, excellent mechanical properties and processability. The outstanding performance of the product makes it have excellent thinning function and reduce the weight of the product. It is suitable for packaging films, bottles, pipes and cables for consumer purposes. The application of this material can save up to 30% of the material cost

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