The hottest Ferris paint cup graffiti contest was

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The "Ferris paint cup" graffiti contest was postponed in case of rain the "Ferris paint cup" graffiti contest was postponed in case of rain on May 23, 2005 the relevant person in charge of Huaibei municipal government said that the "Ferris paint cup" home graffiti contest, which was originally scheduled to be held on the afternoon of May 21, had to be postponed due to an unexpected heavy rain. The specific time will be notified, Please check the Beijing Entertainment letter "home weekly" on the 26th

it is understood that Beijing Entertainment News used axiovert200mat optical microscope and quanta400 scanning electron microscope to inspect and analyze inclusions, microstructure and properties after heat treatment after forging, etc; The heat-treated materials are processed into standard tensile samples and impact samples, and the "Ferris Cup" home graffiti competition jointly organized by Beijing Motian coating Co., Ltd., chengwaicheng home culture plaza and Yuanzhou decoration company is jointly held


if the event cannot be held as scheduled due to the weather, at the event site, immediately call and send text messages to the readers participating in the event to inform them that the event will be postponed

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