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Resist white pollution! Boston passed regulations on banning plastic bags recently, Boston passed the Walsh regulations on banning plastic bags, which will prohibit the use of disposable plastic bags in Boston

the city council voted for the regulation on the same day. Mayor Marty Walsh said on Sunday that the regulation will help reduce environmental benefits such as garbage

Kirstie Pecci, director of zero waste project of environmental protection foundation, said in an interview that she agreed with Walsh's decision very much

on the other hand, Walsh is also worried about the impact of the ban on low-income residents, because the ban on plastic bags will take effect in Boston stores next fall

shoppers must now use reusable shopping bags, or pay 5 cents (about 0.33 yuan for a small performance improvement) to buy a thick reusable plastic bag or a paper bag with a handle

however, not everyone is happy to accept the passage of this regulation. Some low-income people think it is "unfair" and will increase the pressure of shopping

page said that there was no need to worry about the mining industry, because other cities such as Cambridge have shown that people can not only obtain reusable shopping bags through purchase, but also have many other channels for people to find experienced injection molding factories to shopping bags

under the leadership of Boston, the plastic bag ban will also be implemented in other areas of New England in the United States. Pecci also hopes to encourage more people to join the common efforts through the ban in Boston

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