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Usage evaluation Panasonic rice cooker SR

this Panasonic rice cooker sr-hq153 is new to the market. It has been used for a period of time, and its subsequent use cost. Let me talk about my views on using this rice cooker for the following friends' choice and reference: the appearance is simple and generous, and the white cover is very textured. The key is on the touch screen, and the display will automatically display the time when you are not cooking. After using it, the cooked rice is very delicious. Compared with rice cookers under 500, it tastes much better. The material of the rice measuring cup is too soft, so it doesn't feel very durable. Overall, I think the rice cooker is very good The price and configuration of Panasonic rice cooker sr-hq153:

the price includes nexus4 and oppo R1, which is still active in the market: the official promotion price of this Panasonic rice cooker sr-hq153 is 1599 (click here to view the activity quotation). Friends who need it may wish to pay attention, and the initial price will be more valuable.

detailed configuration:

III Panasonic rice cooker sr-hq153 more user comments:

if the sealing gasket is broken

1. The rice cooker is very easy to use. In the past, it used to use domestic brand rice cookers, such as Midea, Supor, etc. I feel that the cooked rice is also very delicious. This time I changed to a foreign brand, and the price is much higher. But the quality is also very good. First of all, the overall weight of the rice cooker is very heavy. The liner is particularly heavy. There are many functional subdivisions. The rice is soft and delicious. delicious. The appearance of the rice cooker is also very beautiful, but I like it very much if there are problems in the calibration of the electronic universal experimental machine before the experiment

2. Good rice cooker! The same rice is much better than the rice cooked by other brands! Worth buying! Customer service Xiaotong has a good service attitude! Praise for you! A perfect shopping! I will come again in the future

3. Very satisfied with a shopping trip. It's the right size. It's also very good to use it once. It's very intelligent. The recommendation is good. The customer service Xiaoyan has a good attitude, and the reply is positive. It's great. The overall feeling is very cost-effective. It's worth buying

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