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Using network services to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

with the development of Internet, the wave of informatization has swept many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, and they have to dance with wolves in the global market. In the face of informatization, various problems perplex small and medium-sized enterprises. How to reduce operating costs? How to collaborate effectively among enterprise members? How to share information among partners? How to quickly find the target market and users? How to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

on March 23, 2006, at the first conference on the application and development of e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises held in Beijing, government leaders, industry experts, leaders of major industry associations, leaders of e-commerce stations in major industries, representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries that apply e-commerce, e-commerce solution providers and other elites gathered in Beijing to inspire wisdom, Reach a consensus on hot issues in the application and development of informatization in small and medium-sized enterprises

experts pointed out that at present, there are about 7.8 computers per 100 people in the enterprise; 96.2% of enterprises have been connected to the Internet; The purpose of connecting to the Internet is to improve efficiency, improve management level, and cope with peer competition, accounting for 69%, 52.4%, and 28%. Another 85.9% of enterprises have established enterprise stations, and 92.8% of enterprises have taken anti-virus, firewall, data encryption and other information security measures. 60% of enterprises have applied various business application systems, which shows that enterprise informatization is booming. Some insiders once generally believed that there were serious deficiencies in enterprise information construction. Plastic materials can be divided into two categories: 1) thermoplastic materials, such as light practical, long-term and light point and heavy surface; Light implementation and heavy planning; Light efficiency, light function, heavy process! These excellent performances make it have potential utilization value in various fields. However, in practical application, the above deficiencies are exactly the actual needs of enterprise informatization process. As a service provider, we should think in a transposition with users, pay practical attention to the needs of enterprises from the perspective of users, and provide enterprises with informatization products that can be simply applied, implemented at low cost, and achieved rapid results. In addition, Among many good and bad information products, brand service is becoming more and more important on the road of enterprise user information development

as we all know, national small and medium-sized enterprises play a very important role in the national economy. Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 98% of the number of domestic enterprises, accounting for 62% of the total fixed assets, 44% of the annual output value, and 41% of profits and taxes. Employment accounts for 80% of the total employment. In the face of such a huge demand and market, Lenovo, as the third largest PC leading enterprise in the world, first launched Yangtian series computers for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2005. Its unique innovative technologies such as one click complete antivirus, hard disk shockproof, and system core self repair can effectively solve various informatization problems encountered in the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2006, Lenovo not only continued to provide users with Olympic quality computer products, but also strengthened its services, taking services for small and medium-sized enterprises as a business, and launched higher-level competition with its rivals to help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain sustainable impetus for development and growth

Lenovo sunshine service has a service network in 33 provinces and cities across the country, has more than 670 service institutions, covers 100% of the country's tier-4 cities, 95% of tier-5 cities, and has more than 4000 "Three Guarantees" certified workers. Jinan Shijin is a brand engineer who produces electronic tensile testing machines in the market at present, and provides face to face services, phone to phone services and Internet services for Lenovo users. Lenovo sunshine station (), which provides services based on the Internet, was rated as the "best IT service portal" at this conference. Lenovo sunshine station advocates the concept of my e-office application service, carefully builds an enterprise network collaborative office platform, and provides network application service solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise users. In the e-office plan, Lenovo sunshine station launched a number of enterprise network communication service products, such as enterprise mailbox service, enterprise SMS service, enterprise conference service, enterprise fax service, enterprise voice service, etc. The purpose is that enterprises can provide low-cost and selective customized services, starting from a single point of application, so that enterprises can effectively feel the improvement of efficiency and cost reduction, so as to enhance their competitiveness and reduce unnecessary information investment,

among them, enterprise SMS service has attracted the attention of participating enterprises. Lenovo "sunshine SMS" is a mobile SMS office platform across the four major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Unicom and China Telecom. It has powerful functions, simple operation, stable background, and easy SMS sending and receiving. Its unique dual channel reissue mechanism can ensure the arrival rate of SMS as high as 99%. The platform can be widely used in enterprise product promotion, market promotion, operation management, customer service, customer survey and other fields

on the market, the enterprise SMS office platforms are mixed, including illegal SMS transmitters and group sending software that charges and is greasy. Enterprises regularly apply a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease; Users are often deceived by ignorance. Lenovo sunshine SMS platform advocates green information, resists bad content SMS, and provides a formal enterprise business application SMS platform. It charges according to arrival, the charging process is transparent, and the real status report, so that users can "use it with good results"! At present, users can purchase such enterprise network service products in Lenovo's sales channels and service channels all over the country

experts said: 2006 will be the application year of ASP mode for small and medium-sized enterprises, in which high-quality enterprise information service providers will play a big role. Wang Xin, director of Internet services from the service business department of Lenovo Group, said: in the e-office platform built by Lenovo, we are willing to work with more professional technology and service providers, network infrastructure platform service providers, station operators and partners in the industry to seek more common development opportunities and create more network banquets for Chinese enterprise users

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