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Use guide: overview of the operating procedures of the die-cutting machine touch 1 must use the back of your hand

(I) operating procedures before starting up

1 Check the handover records to understand the equipment operation

2 Check the quantity of die cutting and product quality according to the production scheduling plan and the requirements of the production construction order

3. After checking and confirming that there is no foreign matter on the machine, thoroughly check and adjust the machine

(II) operating specifications before starting production

1 Check whether the die cutting is the same as the box sample size

2 Check whether the product has jaws

3 Select the base template material according to the product quantity, paper type and carton structure

4 Install the die-cutting plate and lock the fastening screws to prevent the die-cutting plate from loosening. Make the bottom template, and the thickness of the bottom template is the thickness of the die-cutting product paper

5 Install the bottom template, clean the sundries on the surface and lock it

6 According to the thickness of the paper, adjust the tensile winding film tensile testing machine of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., which is mainly used to detect the tensile performance of the tensile winding film used for the transportation and packaging of non-direct contact food. When adjusting, the pressure should be slowly increased from light to heavy to 80% penetration, otherwise it will cause equipment damage

7 Adjust the position of the upper and lower ejector pins of the paper stripper and lock it

8 After adjusting all parts, the samples shall be produced according to the box sample requirements, and there shall be no quality problems after inspection. Normal production can be carried out after the samples are signed by the supervisor

(III) operating specifications in production

1 Operate according to the production requirements and sample signing standards of the construction order

2. During the production process, sampling inspection is carried out every minute. If there are quality problems, they can be reported in time, and production can continue after they are solved

3. After each die cutting, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out and the die cutting process sheet should be filled in. In case of quality problems, the products shall be placed separately in time, and the abnormal product flow sheet shall be filled in

4. If material problems are found, production should be stopped, and the feedback form of poor quality of production materials should be filled in, so that relevant departments can coordinate and solve them, so as to prepare for subsequent production

(IV) Sheng 2 Operation specification of tls-s (10000~20000n) II automatic spring tension and compression testing machine after production

1 The captain should fill in the "cutting table", "statistical table of process quality" and "daily inspection table of production equipment" every day

2. Place the die-cut products separately according to the qualified products and defective products, and mark them clearly

3. At the end of production, the equipment should stop at the mold opening position

4. Maintain the equipment according to the daily maintenance contents

5. Fill in the shift handover record carefully

6. Turn off the power

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