The hottest use of bobeoplayplayh9i flagship

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Use b&o beoplay play h9i flagship evaluation and price configuration parameter comments

b o beoplay play h9i flagship is a popular headset, which has new technology integration for each experimental machine. How about the specific functions of B O beoplay play h9i flagship? Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, price quotation and configuration introduction as follows. I hope it can help you choose for reference

I. experience of B O beoplay play h9i flagship type:

if the operator doesn't pay attention to the cleaning problem, this B O beoplay play h9i flagship headphone looks like the one recommended by the evaluation. A certain East plant this B O beoplay play h9i flagship type. Talk about the experience of using it for a period of time: the details of work are very good, the sheepskin of ear muffs is very soft, and the crossbeam is also leather, which is better! The sound quality is also very good in the Bluetooth headset. The female voice is very clear, and the bass is also available. A headset with high quality! Now the price is more appropriate

more users comment on the details of advantages and disadvantages for the reference of friends in need

II. Price of B O beoplay play h9i flagship event:

experimental force of B O beoplay play h9i flagship ear wrap load sensor to detect the test piece wireless noise reduction headset Bo headset rimowa exclusive price: ¥ 6998.00 event link:

III. configuration parameters of B O beoplay play h9i flagship:

the sound is very good and clear as soon as it opens, and its surface can be coated with various colors, which is very high, The most transparent earphone I've ever heard. The high-frequency is gorgeous, the low-frequency band feels fast, and the music atmosphere is strong, which is very enjoyable. You can reduce your fever after buying it. You don't need to buy other headphones. Using iPhone is obviously better than Android. Even an iphone5 with average sound quality and thrust can make the headset play a magical effect. The effect of using cable is better than that of Bluetooth

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