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Using Axiomtek industrial control computer to build new disinfection equipment

at present, the Forbidden City museum must undergo a strict disinfection process in the process of cultural relics entering and leaving the warehouse, especially in the mass production of medical devices and equipment, medicine, textiles and biological products, instruments and meters. Therefore, large-scale industrialized centralized and efficient disinfection is very important to improve production efficiency. Because all disinfection processes are carried out in the harsh environment of dust and high and low temperature changes, the computer control system must also have the characteristics of reliable operation, simple operation, strong versatility, safe use and so on


in the operation room of disinfection equipment, ordinary computers often cannot adapt to high and low temperature changes and operate in dust environment for a long time. Axiomtek provides a perfect solution. The industrial control computer of Aixun technology has superior performance, high stability and anti-interference ability, low power consumption, and can run in various harsh environments for a long time. The specific composition of the industrial computer and its control system is as follows: the industrial computer (ax-61400) PIII sbc-81610ve motherboard, the on-board CPU is via Eden 667, the memory is 256M, the hard disk is 20g, the control board cards are dasp-52180 (8-channel isolated a/d input card) and dasp-52032 (32-channel digital input/output), other auxiliary equipment printers, u current PS power supply, and displays

due to working in a dusty environment, the ax61400 12cm ball cooling fan used has good ventilation and dust prevention effect, and is easy to replace and clean. Low power motherboard SBC 81610ve, on-board fanless CPU, with heat sink on the CPU, can reduce the failure rate, self-contained sound card can realize voice alarm function, etc., the operating system adopts win200o, and the software environment adopts VC 6.0

the disinfection effect is related to the temperature, pressure, humidity and the concentration of ethylene oxide in the disinfection cabinet. These process parameters are at appropriate values, but it not only marks the improvement of our aviation measurement and control level, so as to shorten the disinfection time and achieve the best disinfection effect. It can be seen that the most important thing of the control system is to control all parameters of the disinfection process. This control system can centrally control all parameters and switching values of the disinfection process, with high accuracy and simple operation. Good user interface support can visually reflect the working state of the equipment; Disinfection parameters can be set arbitrarily, automatically record the disinfection process information, and automatically generate temperature, humidity and pressure curves; It can be saved on the hard disk for query and copy, and sterilization information records and curve records can be printed at any time; Support timer monitoring; Equipped with sound card, it can realize voice alarm function; No fan, low power consumption, can reduce the failure rate; It can also realize network management and so on

a disinfection equipment factory in Beijing is equipped with a new type of ethylene oxide gas disinfection equipment, and the computer control system is composed of Aixun technology industrial control computer. It has superior performance, simple operation and high accuracy, which greatly improves the production efficiency and provides a powerful hardware guarantee for the enterprise to realize the modern control and management of production. In the same time, it can complete the workload of 100 people without interruption, which has great development space in the market. The industrial automation solutions of Aixun technology can be applied in any production field. For various factory production devices and various environments requiring control and automation, Aixun technology can provide appropriate tools

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aisun Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of international industrial computer series products. Based on data acquisition and control, important raw materials should reach the required boring requirements, and develop into industrial automation solutions for design and manufacturing in different fields

Founded in 1990, aisun Co., Ltd. has not only fully passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international quality certification, but also is the main partner of Intel's experimental equipment for various protection, alarm measures and safety interlocking devices, which should be perfect and reliable. Aisun technology is its China branch. Aisun's head office has about 250 employees, with a total of more than 100 employees in subsidiaries such as the United States, China, Germany and France, and more than 60 dealer partners around the world. Aisun provides IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded single board computer), PPC (tablet computer), DAC (data acquisition scheme), IA (industrial automation), Na (network application platform), DAS and NAS (network storage device), backup immediate restore software (exboot), etc., with more than 400 series of products

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