The hottest use evaluation quad core i56500gtx1050

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Usage evaluation: Quad Core i5 6500/gtx1050 stand-alone display assembly machine desktop computer host game machine view

quad core i5 6500/gtx1050 stand-alone display assembly machine desktop computer host game machine

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use for a month experience: the host has a good cost performance, and it's good to play games, Basic large-scale games have no pressure

use for three months evaluation: Click to view

product parameters:

cpu main frequency: 3.0GHz and above

cpu model: i56500

cpu core number: four cores

cpu type: intel/Intel Core i5

main board brand: colorful/seven rainbow

main board structure: m-atx

memory brand: magnesium Pingmei Shenma Group its main business is sluggish light

memory type: ddr4

Memory frequency: 2133mhz

office use: art computer

brand: climbing brother

sound card interface type: PCI-E

platform type: other

heat dissipation methods: air cooling

no matter how good the plating process is, it can't achieve the plating effect it needs. Spare parts: vgame

is it to avoid dust entering the lens barrel or lens surface? Intelligent temperature control: no

graphics card brand: colorful/seven rainbow

bit width of video memory: 128bit

Video memory type: gddr5

maximum memory capacity: 32GB

chassis brand: bubalus/buffalo

chassis type: middle tower

chassis structure: microATX

power supply 80plus certification: not supported

power supply brand: game hero

hard disk brand: colorful/seven rainbow

hard disk type: solid state disk

box material: steel plate

configuration type: crazy game type

applicable brand: intel

compatible machine Intel model: other/ot Her

motherboard chipset type: intelb150

memory capacity: 8GB

graphics card type: independent graphics card

independent graphics card model: other/other

video memory capacity: 2GB

hard disk capacity: 240gb

optical drive type: no optical drive

power supply: 300W

Color: brand new

local service: local logistics door-to-door

display piston rod surface composition mirror card series: gtx1050

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