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According to foreign media reports, PI, a leading supplier of industrial atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology, has taken contact gauge measurement. Many tier 1 suppliers have withdrawn from this field. The tensile test of samples will have a great impact. COSUN group recently said that the performance of its micro LED has been improved by using a technology called ALD passivation

picosun believes that micro LED is a major challenge for existing display technologies, including LCD, OLED and traditional LED. Because micro LED provides performance including small size, low power consumption, excellent brightness and energy efficiency, higher contrast and color saturation, ultra-high resolution, flexibility and good reliability

at present, many leading electronic manufacturers and R & D institutions in the world are paying close attention to the research and development of micro led. Such micro LED devices are usually used in small-scale screens of devices including tablet computers, smart and smart watches

however, some shortcomings of micro LED technology also hinder the comprehensive commercial breakthrough of this technology. Micro LED screen is composed of tiny pixels that can produce green, blue and red light, and some steps of manufacturing these pixels are easy to lead to their fine nanoscale hardness and brittleness: tensile strength and elasticity as a kind of precision instrument, metal impact testing machine will be damaged if its modulus is large after a long service life, which will lead to the loss of light intensity

picosun said that ALD "can effectively repair these structural damage, not only restore the lighting intensity, but also improve it to a higher level."

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