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Use evaluation: sharp air purifier humidification and formaldehyde removal pm2.5ki

sharp air purifier household humidification and formaldehyde removal PM2.5 sterilization and smoke removal 11 Oil pump plunger rust dust removal haze ki-bb60-w

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use for a month feeling: the sound is very small, my office is also using sharp, so this time, the family also bought the same brand, but the model is more advanced, The effect is also better. With this equipment, the home feels cleaner. In addition, the shopkeeper's service is also very good. Praise! You may also buy car purifiers later

half year evaluation: Please Click to view detailed evaluation comments

sharp air purifier humidification and formaldehyde removal pm2.5ki-bb60-w configuration parameters

product parameters:

Product Name: control accuracy High measurement accuracy sharp/sharp ki-bb60-w

brand: sharp/sharp

model: ki-bb60-w

Noise: DB

control method: button

maximum noise: 64db

Test Report No.: 2016i

filter type: composite filter

formaldehyde Cadr value: 58.7 cubic meters/hour

air purification energy efficiency level: qualified level


Article No.: ki-bb60-w

poor light resistance

Cadr value of particles: 369 cubic meters/hour

color classification: white

air volume: 405 cubic meters/hour

applicable area: 61m^2 and above

function: formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, dust removal, sterilization and humidification

working principle: activated carbon anion plasma HEPA technology ozone other

air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: 400 cubic meters/hour and above

power mode: AC

applicable object: household

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