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Usage evaluation: royalstar/Rongshida rz

one month's experience: apple juice is still very delicate, and the sound is a little loud. Accelerating the industrial utilization of graphene is the key in the key, or the acceptable range. It is estimated that it is due to the high power. The color is very beautiful

tried the product, and the power is strong. With soymilk and fruit, there was no pressure at all. It is much better than the small Juicer used before. Soybean milk is really residue free and convenient after beating. Cleaning is very convenient. The mixing cup and machine have good shock absorption. The sound of full power operation is smaller than expected.

try it immediately after you get it! Made energy soup, very smooth, very good! super value! And the whole material is great. The cup is very thick and the base is very solid! Great! It deserves to be Rongshida

you can also buy multiple sets of equipment at the same time using half a year. Annual evaluation of production range: Please Click to view detailed evaluation comments.

Product Name: royalstar/Rongshida rz-528g

brand: royalstar/Rongshida

Rongshida juicing and stirring cooking machine model: rz-528g

juicing/stirring/cooking machine type: mixer

Color Classification: high Guihong champagne gold

applicable number: more than 5 people.Research has been published in Journal naturecommunications

function: juicing, minced meat, crushed ice, dry grinding, stirring, milk making experimental data, the greater the mixing and mincing meat

appearance/placement: Desktop

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