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XCMG "town spirit" concrete complete equipment helps you achieve the "100 million small goal"

XCMG "town spirit" concrete complete equipment helps you achieve the "100 million small goal"

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No. 1 central document proposed to "encourage enterprises to build rural production and living infrastructure in a variety of investment ways" to vigorously promote the construction of new rural areas. XCMG schweiying company also actively responded to the call and conducted in-depth market research, Focusing on the construction of a new socialist countryside covering more than 800million rural people and more than 40000 villages and towns, the smart and convenient "town spirit" series of concrete machinery products were launched to help change the appearance of villages and towns around the construction of a new countryside and provide product services to accelerate the improvement of the national urbanization rate. Once the products were launched, nearly 80 sets (sets) were sold that year, and the number of orders showed a rapid growth trend. In the eyes of the majority of users, "town spirit" is a powerful tool for wealth creation with "low cost and quick effect". It not only saves money and labor, "grounded", but also efficiently and stably "tall". With it, we are not far from the "small goal"

XCMG's "town spirit" concrete complete equipment helps you achieve the "100 million small goal"

it is smart and portable, energy-saving and practical, and saves time and effort. "Grounding gas"

"town spirit" is a "small complete set" for XCMG's concrete machinery sector. The company will send professional maintenance engineers to the on-site maintenance service sub market within 24 hours, It mainly provides complete sets of construction solutions for users in the direction of "urbanization development". The complete set mainly covers three categories of products. Pumping products have strongly built 30 meter and 34 meter pump trucks with wider working areas on the basis of the original 23 meter and 26 meter pump trucks. 4-square and 6-square concrete mixer trucks have fully entered the environmental protection era of the "national five year plan", and 40 and 60 mixing station products are also more close to user needs

"although our 'town spirit' product is small, it has a lot of connotation!" XCMG product designers proudly introduced. "In short, it is mainly reflected in the words' Province, light and easy '.


'saving' is what our product users are most concerned about when it is added to the two mixtures of world-class Plastics: the pumping efficiency is increased by 6% - saving time; The engine power output state is stable and controlled, the hydraulic integrated control reduces the pressure loss, and the energy consumption is reduced by an average of 20% - fuel saving. The 40 and 60 mixing stations adopt the modular design concept to help users easily realize assembly and transportation - labor saving


"light" is the successful application of the "lightweight technology" accumulated by XCMG over the years in this set of "town elves": the volume and weight of the core hydraulic components are reduced by 50% on the basis of integrated control technology; The use of new materials for 4-party and 6-party mixers has become one of the preferred technologies to achieve a wide range of energy storage worldwide. The top weight is reduced by 10%, and the service life is also increased by 2 times


'easy' is mainly oriented to the user's operation and construction requirements, optimize the reversing buffer, reduce the impact on the vehicle body when the pump truck is pumping by 60%, and the boom work is more stable and easier to ensure the construction quality; The whole mixer truck adopts the concept of 'narrow body design', which fully adapts to the transportation and construction conditions such as narrow roads and narrow bridges; The mixing plant is equipped with safety protection and intelligent reminder system, and relevant faults can be easily reminded to users through the display screen. "

"in addition, we also adopted a low center of gravity design method on the mixer truck, which increased the mixing loading volume by 6%. While meeting the requirements of national standards, through technological innovation, we can fully meet the user's desire of 'Dora run'."

German technology, one machine for two purposes, is so "tall"

although the "town spirit" is so "grounded", people have passed the pilot production of "Sino German hybrid", and XCMG's "S9" series has many advantages, as well as many

durable and reliable

full hydraulic reversing technology, durable and reliable - fully integrated with German schweiying full hydraulic reversing technology, the extraction and control of reversing signal are all completed by hydraulic pressure, avoiding the reliability problems caused by frequent electrical triggering and harsh environment; The pumping main valve adopts slide valve type parallel double circuit main valve, abandoning the differential single circuit main valve with high pressure loss and high failure rate, which has high reliability; At the same time, matching the industry's unique MPs reversing buffer technology, the reversing impact is reduced by 80%, the service life of the main pump is doubled, and the failure rate of hydraulic components is lower

efficient and stable

skirt valve pumping technology, efficient and stable - equal torque design, reliable sealing, no slurry leakage; The service life of spectacle plate and cutting ring has been greatly improved; Wear on one side, and the service life of vulnerable parts is up to 2 times that of S valve; Large streamline cavity design, small pumping resistance, not easy to block the pipe, and the pumping efficiency is 6% higher than that of the industry on average

one machine for two purposes

there is also one machine for two purposes, which is the first in the industry - one machine for two purposes? Don't believe it, the many products pioneered by XCMG schweiying can be called "millet pump truck that can be used as a vehicle pump", which can not only meet the construction needs of low-rise buildings in cities and towns, but also transform itself into a 100 meter high-rise building. It is perfectly equipped with heavy truck man engine, which has strong power and full horsepower, avoiding the embarrassment of "small horse pulling big car" of individual manufacturers in the industry. It is definitely a work of conscience

in the past four to five years, the new rural cause of the motherland has developed rapidly. "Now, XCMG's' town spirit 'series products are blooming all over the country, even exported overseas, and can be recognized by many users. I think our efforts and sweat to root in the market were worth it!" The leader in charge of the research and development of this series of mixing plant products recalled with deep feeling

the praise and recognition XCMG has received today stems from the wisdom and passion of the team, from XCMG's strong accumulation in the fields of technology, manufacturing and market for many years, from lean production, Six Sigma tool methods, industry-leading quality standards and equipment assurance, and from XCMG workers' unremitting pursuit of the gold standard of "leading technology, indestructible use"

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