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XCMG Tractor Service boost sales increased by 1168% year-on-year

XCMG Tractor Service boost sales increased by 1168% year-on-year

since this year, affected by the adjustment of market structure, the production and sales of construction vehicles in the heavy truck industry, which grew vigorously before, have fallen sharply. XCMG has found another way to rapidly transform from the road vehicle market to the logistics vehicle market in the shortest time, and has achieved a bright growth curve. Up to now, XCMG's tractor sales have increased by 1168% year-on-year, becoming a dark horse in the logistics sector

this is a policy to protect the fundamental interests of the country and the people. The rapid rise of XCMG tractor in the logistics sector has benefited from XCMG's strategic deployment of "market transformation, product transformation, marketing model transformation" and the continuous improvement of its service brand. XCMG has developed a number of intelligent tractors with independent intellectual property rights and integrated a number of innovative technologies on the existing product platform, combined with medium and short distance highway logistics, and the current favorable opportunity for some regional cities in China to replace yellow label vehicles, and comprehensively strengthened the safety, comfort, fuel economy, reliability and other performance of vehicles, making a rapid breakthrough in the sales of tractors and doubling the market size. At the same time, XCMG increased the laying of spare parts points across the country, added eight Central warehouses in the first half of the year, fully covering XCMG's market, and carried out the "service ten thousand miles" activity nationwide, launched the "360" all-round service and the "24-hour rescue" plan, and built XCMG's high-quality services, paying attention to avoiding tilting the brand. This also provides a strong after-sales guarantee for XCMG tractors that are popular in Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen and other regions

well below the previous upper limit of 2.5%

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