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XCMG truck mounted crane exports expand the Thai market again

XCMG truck mounted crane exports expand the Thai market again

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step on the door, win the book and fly, XCMG truck orders come. Recently, XCMG truck mounted cranes reported good export news. 30 sets of 8-ton folding boom truck mounted cranes have made great progress and breakthrough in the Chinese plastic extruder market. The heavy machinery entered the Thai market again, with a total value of more than 3 million yuan

XCMG truck mounted crane is exported to Thailand

this batch of export products. The folding arm truck mounted crane crane is light, flexible in operation, and provides maximum flexibility for multiple research projects. It has a wide field of vision and can be equipped with a variety of assistive devices, which is suitable for construction operations in narrow spaces or special environments. At the same time, the boarding and alighting have independent control valves, which are interlocked, making the user's operation safer

according to statistics, there are more than 400 XCMG truck mounted cranes in Thailand at present, and this order has once again verified the reputation of XCMG truck mounted crane products in the Thai market. With high-end technology and reliable quality of 250 ℃± 0.10, it is believed that XCMG brand and XCMG truck mounted crane will make greater breakthroughs in the foreign market

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