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XCMG underground excavation construction machinery makes a wonderful appearance to show its strength and style

XCMG underground excavation construction machinery makes a wonderful appearance to show its strength and style

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recently, the promotion meeting of new technologies for underground excavation construction mechanization of rail transit was held in Beijing. XCMG group made its debut with two products of TWZ series underground excavation trolley, showing XCMG's strength and style as a leader in the industry

twz series subsurface excavation trolley adopts a platform, modular and standardized design, giving maximum consideration to the general interchangeability of parts, and innovatively applies a number of cutting-edge technologies, which is the first at home and abroad. One machine with multiple functions can replace traditional manual excavation, loading, milling, anchoring, wet shotcreting, auxiliary support and other functions. The product can be applied to subway stations, pilot tunnels and interval construction. It is suitable for all aluminum body pure electric buses equipped with bus lines in Songjiang District of Shanghai, accounting for 76% of operations in soft soil, sandy gravel, weathered rock and other strata. It can effectively improve the construction environment and reduce the dependence of concealed excavation on labor utilization. Compared with traditional manual concealed excavation, it has the advantages of ensuring safety, quality, environment and efficiency

it is understood that through the analysis of the on-site use of bid 1 and bid 15 of Beijing metro line 16, the construction efficiency of using TWZ series underground excavation trolley is significantly improved, the staffing is significantly reduced, and the economic benefits are obvious. Based on the calculation of 1km underground excavation of pilot tunnel, the management fee of 8million yuan can be saved by shortening the construction period; Reducing the number of workers from 24 to 12 can save 3million yuan in labor costs; At the same time, due to the high speed of mechanical excavation, the spacing of construction shafts can be increased, and 1-2 shafts can be reduced in the concealed excavation section, saving about 11million yuan

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